We provide traditional Japanese kimono of the best quality.

Many of kimono sold on the internet are inexpensive, printed and mass-produced kimono made in China. This is not a bad thing in a way that one can try kimono casually; however, they are far from real kimono.
As for this website, we provide kimono of the best quality, traditional Japanese “Kyo Yuzen (kimono dyeing technique)” kimono created by artisans in Kyoto with time and effort.

The ancient city of Kyoto, with history and the unique atmosphere. Kyoto is the city where the culture of “kimono” has been inherited from people to people, for more than 1,000 years. It is not just a way of dressing; there are the spirit, techniques and lives of people who love kimono. In Japan, kimono is often the symbol for love, to be given to a wife or to be inherited to a daughter and a granddaughter…We provide you the authentic kimono.

Kimono worn by the Japanese Imperial Family

Kimono we sell are traditional kimono made in Kyoto, a city in Japan with more than 1,000 years of history. The fact that these kimono are worn by the Japanese Imperial Family as well, shows the quality and the credibility.

Providing kimono of the best quality at reasonable prices

We can provide you traditional Japanese kimono, made by artisans in Kyoto with time and effort, at reasonable prices.
Kimono has a very complicated and long distribution channel within Japan; thus, it is quite expensive to buy kimono at a retail store such as a department store. We often hear from customers in Japan that although they would like to purchase authentic kimono, it is too expensive and they cannot afford it.
We realized a huge discount by cutting the distribution channel and purchasing directly from the creators. At “Kyoto Kimono Online Shop”, you can purchase traditional Japanese kimono from anywhere in the world.

We also introduce traditional crafts from Kyoto.

The taste and the sense of beauty unique to Kyoto…
We provide not only kimono, but also various crafts filled with the passion and the technique of artisans in Kyoto.