About us

“City of Tradition and Innovation”


Kyoto, where our company is located, is one of Japan’s oldest and most famous city, and is very popular among tourists from abroad as well as from Japan. Various traditional buildings create a historical scenery along with the beautiful nature in Kyoto. That is one of the reasons why one can say that it is one of the best cities to walk around in kimono.  

On the other hand, Kyoto is also known as a “college town” or an “industrial city”, where world-leading universities, research institutes and companies exist. The way Kyoto keeps on evolving, while retaining its unique culture and tradition, continues to charm people around the world.  



“Delivering the authentic traditional technique of Kyoto to the world”


Kyoto, once the capital city of Japan for more than 1,000 years, has created its unique culture in the long history. Kyoto’s traditional crafts are what have supported and vitalized Kyoto’s culture. Techniques born in Kyoto did not just stay in Kyoto; they became the foundation of Japanese culture itself.  

However, Kyoto’s traditional industry is facing extinction. These days, the number of traditional crafts being made along with the number of artisans with exceptional techniques are decreasing, due to mass-produced cheap fake items in the market.

We would like to change the situation by spreading authentic traditional crafts of Kyoto, such as kimono, to the world.

We select all the items in the shop with artisans, by directly visiting their workshops. That is why we ensure the quality of products, the technique of artisans as well as their passion and personality. We deliver excitement to the world, when we deliver authentic traditional crafts which have been nurtured in the long history and are only available in Kyoto.  



“Giving fashion tips and advice”


Kimono can be worn on various occasions, such as a formal event, a casual party or when going out with family and friends. Accessories like kanzashi and sensu can be matched not only with Japanese clothes but also with Western clothes to widen the wardrobe. We also recommend decorating them in your room as a work of art to look at.    

We hope that people around the world feel closer to kimono and Japanese accessories, and enjoy them more freely. That is why we help you in coordinating Japanese beautiful tradition with your daily life!

Do you want to know the shape and the pattern of kimono which suits you? Do you want to match your kanzashi with your party dress? Or do you want us to tell you which product is suitable as an interior decoration? Let us know any questions you may have.   

We provide unique fashion tips and coordination advice with each one of you, such as how to choose a kimono, how to wear it, or a recommended hairstyle.


COMPANY NAME Irick Co., Ltd.
HEAD OFFICE  7F, Daimaruya Shijo Karasuma Bld, 646, Nijyohanshiki-cho,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, JAPAN