Japanese Animated Cartoons and Kimonos.

A lot of Japanese animated cartoons have characters in kimono clothes, which enables them to show its historical backgrounds and use them effectively.

Recently, one of the Japanese famous animated cartoons overseas, “Neon Genesis EVANGELION,” is seen mixed with the Japanese traditional culture, and they sell kimonos with its characters on all over the world.  Many fans of the cartoons have praised the kimonos overseas.

エヴァンゲリオン 着物(Comments overseas)


It is so wonderful to see kimonos in animated cartoons.The fans may well buy the kimonos even though the kimonos are a little too expensive! This time, let us see some famous animated cartoons overseas, where the characters wear kimonos!




Story…The story is about a high school student, Kurosaki Ichigo, and his friends.  One day Kurosaki Ichigo became the god of death to eliminate an evil spirit.

[Kimonos are often seen in the cartoon.  Some male characters wear women’s kimonos.  The main character wears the hakama, a long pleated skirt worn over a kimono.]

ブリーチ ブリーチ3




Story…The main character is a problem child at Ninja School.  However, Naruto has a dream.  He takes a step forward as a Ninja with Sasuke and Haruno Sakura!

[We can see kimono-like clothes in this cartoon as well.]

ナルト        ナルト2


Ruroni Kenshin


Story…The time is Bakumatsu through Meiji period.  The main character is Himura Kenshin ( a killer named Batto-sai ).  He is a wanderer in Japan.  He is making friends and fights with many characters in the story.

[The main character wears hakama.  Many female characters wear kimonos!]

るろうに剣心        るろうに剣心2




Story…Mishishi is not an animal, not a plant, not a microbe, not fungus.  It is a thing closest to origin of life.  The main character solves mysterious problems, and he leads “human beings” and “Mushi” to living with each other…

[We can frequently see kimonos since the time in this cartoon is around in the Edo and the Meiji period.]



Gloom of Suzumiya Haruhi


Story…The name of the main character is Suzumiya Haruhi.  He opens a new style club to “find aliens, future persons and psychics and play with them.”  The story is about every moment Haruhi and other characters experience.

[We hardly see characters wearing kimonos.  However, we can see some scenes with characters in kimonos!]



Fate / Stay night


Story…Characters make efforts to get chalice, which enables them to do anything.  The magicians try to summon souls of heroes in myth and history, and it is called “the chalice war.”  Emiya Shiro, an unskillful magician, is involved in the chalice war in this romantic action cartoon story.

[We won’t see kimonos in this animated cartoon.]



Black Lagoon


Story…Okajima Rokuro, a worker at a Japanese business of Asahi Heavy Industry, will  go through dangerous business places.

[We can see some female characters wearing kimonos!]



Ouran High School Host Club


Story…Fujioka Haruhi will be a member of the host club.  However, one problem occurs. …Haruhi is a “girl.”  When the club members know the fact, the relationship will change through various events.

[This is a school based story, so the characters basically wear school uniforms.  But we can see some girls wearing kimonos in some scenes!]

桜蘭高校ホスト部       桜蘭高校ホスト部2


Characters in many other animated cartoons wear kimonos.

We have often seen cosplayers now, and it will be good for you to display some cartoon kimonos in your room if you love kimonos of your favorite cartoons ^^

You may be able to feel Japanese cartoons and kimonos♪