Beauty of Japanese candle

Tradition, technique and beauty: Heartwarming lights of Kyoto


Wa rosoku, or Japanese candle, was introduced to Japan along with Buddhism in the Nara period. It was used as the valuable light only to be used in the Imperial Court, temples or by court nobles in the Muromachi period. In modern days, Japanese candle is popular as lights which fill the room with a Japanese atmosphere, or as an interior decoration, for the beauty of its flame.

Why not try lighting up your room with a beautiful Japanese candle, created each by an artisan in Kyoto?  


Characteristics of Japanese candles: The light scent and the unique flame

As for characteristics of Japanese candle, one would point out its light and uniquely Japanese scent, as well as big flame flickering even when there is no wind.

・Light and uniquely Japanese scent

All ingredients of a Japanese candle are plant-based. That is why it does not produce much soot and has a light scent of melting wax. Since both wax and a candle wick are made of plant-based ingredients, it does not generate an unpleasant smell. Wax does not drip much from a Japanese candle, and even it does, it is easy to wipe dripped wax and soot off. You can keep your room and table clean; this is one of characteristics of a Japanese candle as well. It’s all because it is plant-based.   

・Big flickering flame with a unique atmosphere

Another characteristic of a Japanese candle is its big flickering flame; this is caused by the fact that it is hollow inside and air gets in and flows. This gives flame a unique atmosphere. Japanese candle is also famous for its big flame which does not go out easily, and it is because candle wicks are created with the traditional technique. Flame of a Japanese candle is mysterious yet peaceful.



“Hand-painted candle”, the beautiful masterpiece which is each completely hand-painted with care  

There are also Japanese candles hand-painted by an artist in Kyoto with care. Why not decorate a Japanese candle with Kyoto-esque picture at your home?


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