What is Furisode? It’s the best kimono for girls

The most prestigious dress “Furisode”


A Furisodes is worn by unmarried women and regarded as the most formal dress for a celebration.
They are worn at the coming of age ceremony, wedding ceremonies  and parties.

A Furisode is Kimono with long sleeves and regarded as the most formal dress for unmarried women.
The longest sleeves of Furisode are about 114cm and they are
hung down about the length of ankles of the women.

Depending on the length of the sleeves, we can classify it in 3 different types as Ohfurisode(large), Chufurisode(medium) and Shofurisode(small). It is said that thelonger the sleeves are the more sophisticated it becomes.
Because of this, brides atthe wedding tend to wear Ohfurisode in once in a life opportunity.

The designs of Furisode are tend to be gorgeous and youthful.
The patterns are
drawn after tailored tentatively so that it become as if one big picture from the overhead.


Furisode is a Kimono expressing love  

In ancient Japan, women wore a long sleeve kimono for waving their sleeves. The act of waving kimono sleeves means expressions of love for men. “Furisode” is written  as “振袖” in Kanji (Chinese characters) *「振=wave」「袖=sleeve」

It was attractive that young unmarried women waved their long sleeves. But, it was shameful that married women wore a kimono for expressions of love, because people considered them a flirt.  Because of the  holdover, people have been recognized that  a furisode is only for young unmarried women even now in Japan.

However, that rule is getting lax recently, and more married women are wearing a Frisode at celebrations. Needless to say, though it is not recomended, modern people are reconsidering that it is good to make more chances to wear a Furisode.

Furisode × Japanese language  

As stated above,  it is very Japanese modest mode of expression that women express their love with waving their kimono sleeves. In Japan, people believe that it is beautiful to avoid any direct expression like this.

In addition, there are some old japanese idioms using the word “袖=sode”.

For example, “袖を濡らす: sode wo nurasu”(to wet one’s sleeve) means “shed tears” or “cry”.  

And, “袖を分かつ: sode wo wakatsu”(to separete one’s sleeve) means ” break off relations “.

The metaphoric expressions using the word on a kimono is beautiful, isn’t it? Why don’t you memorize and use these idioms?

Scenes to wear furisode

◆The coming of age ceremony


The most representative situation as an oppotunity to wear a Furisode is the coming of age ceremony. This traditonal ceremony of japan is ritual to cerebrate the new adults.  Furisode is the best dress at such a brilliant situation. Threfore, almost all of the women participate in the coming of age ceremony wearing Furisode.


◆Graduation ceremony

Furisode is worn by female students at a graduation ceremony. A gergeous Furisode suits a last grand occasion as a student. That will become a valuable memory for them. Recent year, a Frisode style coordinated with hakama is standard for students at a graduation ceremony.


◆Wedding ceremony


Furisode is also worn at a relative’s or friend’s wedding ceremonies as a common formal kimono dress.

However, you must be extremely careful that you do not stand out more than a woman participant in her own marriage ceremony. You need to check her wedding dress or wedding kimono,and choose unnoticeable kimono.


◆Other parties

Furisodes are worn for any celebration party. You will be able to attract people’s attention, if you wear a Furisode and participate at a party.


Furisode is the most prestigious kimono


A heirloom dress like a Furisode will enrich your life brightly. And, a Furisode  is a wonderful item for expanding your world even only one. After women  got married, they don’t wear Furisodes any more. Most of  mother give her Furisodes to her children. That will be  a memory of a lifetime for you and your children.

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