How to fold Kimono- important to keep it without wrinkles!

After wearing a Kimono, you need to fold one as neat as possible.

It is really important to keep one without any wrinkles.


Firstly, Place the Kimono on the floor.

how to fold kimono-placement

You sit down as collar side of the Kimono to be your left. And the hem side is to be your right.

Fold the Kimono along the lines of seam as shown.

how to fold kimono- seam line

Next, fold the first panel back.

how to fold kimono- first pannel

how to fold kimono- panel back

Take the outside edge. Bring it in, and line it up.

Line everything up. Make sure the collar is also lined up.

how to hold kimono- bring over the seam line

Hold the seam line under the sleeve and turn it over.

how to fold kimono- bring the seam line from the other side

how to fold kimono- smooth out the wrinkles

The collar has to be lined up nicely.

Smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.

how to fold kimono- collar

how to fold kimono- fold collar

Make sure everything is in good condition.

Straighten everything nicely with your hand.

Take one sleeve. And fold it back.

how to fold kimono- folding sleeve

Bring the hem to the top.

how to fold kimono- bring the hem line to the top

And flip everything over. The other sleeve should also be straighten.

how to fold kimono- flipping over

how to fold kimono- straighten

It’s all done!

how to fold kimono-all done

We also show you how to wear Kimono with very detailed video on Youtube.