How to make Kanzashi (Flower)


The Hana Kanzashi we offer you in this site are all made by professionals in the craft studio called Kintakedo which was founded in Edo period in Kyoto, Japan.

All of the products are handmade with great care. From the fact that Kintakedo have been made and delivered Hana Kanzashi to Maiko or Geisha since Edo period until now, the technique and quality of its goods are proven. They make change Kanzashi with the seasons. You will be able to feel and enjoy Japanese four seasons by the Kanzashi.



How to make flower kanzashi


1.Paint “himenori” (glue made of well-cooked rice or wheat) thickly on the Japanese cypress board to rub it in.






2.Next, fold the square-cut cloth (habutae) into a triangle shape. Make it look like a flower petal. (Please refer to the above movie to watch the artisan’s skill!)






3.Put the folded cloth on the Japanese cypress board with glue on it. Each tiny piece will be a flower petal of a flower on hana kanzashi!






4.When you make enough flower petals, let them dry for about an hour to make the glue stick to the cloth (flower petals).






5.After drying them for an hour, put the cloth on the aluminum base to create the flower shape.






6.Stick the flower on the base called “tsuto” to let it dry for a whole day.






7.Make smaller parts to make them look more flowery. Wrap the gold thread around a thin wire to create the center of the flower. Decorate small buds. Use silk thread for the stem to make it look more real.






8.Artisans make each kanzashi with their hands and the utmost care. It is important that a kanzashi would be light, strong and beautiful when worn.






9.And voila! This is a hana kanzashi.






Kanzashi is the Japanese traditional hair accessory. Not only maikos in Kyoto wear them, but these days many people wear it with kimono to enjoy fashion.