How to make Kanzashi(Silver)

<How to make Silver Kanzashi>


”I would like to make women all over the world beautiful with my silver kanzashi which match not only kimono but also western clothes naturally”. ‘Atelier hana e’ creates silver kanzashis with such passion.




‘MON series kanzashis’, which use Kamon (family crest) as a motif are inspired by family crest book.

She  adds a modern taste to Kamon of existing in reality, and creates a design matched to everyday clothes.
Also, she designs kanzashis which use Japanese four seasons and traditional Japanese patterns as a motif.



【Rough sketch】

When the design is fixed, she draw the design on the paper. She put a paper with the design on a silver plate directly.




Cut the silver plate out accordingly.

Next she puts a hole on the silver plate and cut out the design with a fret saw to create the inner part.





When cutting is done, she polish it well with a file.




When cutting is done, she polish it well with a file.




Lastly, polish the surface of kanzashi in order to bring out brilliancy of silver.


Although She mainly make simple silver kanzashis, she also make a decorated Kanzashi with pearls and corals.

She makes all products with great care one by one from customer’s viewpoints.


Atelier hana e’s original silver kanzashi designed in the mixture of traditional style and present tastes will make a variety of dresses and clothes more attractive in many situations. It could add unique spice to not only Japanese dresses but also western styles.

Would you like to touch privileged Japanese traditions and Japanese women’s mind with these stylish silver kanzashis?