How to make Silver Kanzashi

<How to make Silver Kanzashi>

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Silver has characteristics of high reflectivity of visible rays and a soft white luster.  And, it is possible to make higher brilliance than platinum by polishing

The main material is the sliver plate 950. The number 950  signifies the percentage of silver content , and that 95% of it is silver. 5% is precious metal such as copper. The reason that the artisan uses the silver 950 is protecting a kanzashi from a transformation or a flaw.  Although the content of silver in the material is 95%, it is sure that this silver plate is real and high quality.

The silver kanzashi we handle is arranged the motif of Japanese seasonal flowers and Kamon by the artisan.  

She put a paper designed in handwriting by herself on the silver plate, and cut it carefully with a fret saw. No matter how the minute design, she cut the silver plate with only a fret saw.    

All of the silver kanzashis are finished very unique and brilliant.





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