How to wear Japanese Traditional Kimono

It seems difficult to wear Kimono on your own.
But do not worry. Once you pick up tips, you will be able to wear it on your own!

As a prep before wearing Kimono, put on Japanese style undergarment called Hadajuban and pair of socks called Tabi.

tabi and Hadajuban

This is also Japanese style undergarment called Nagajuban. You drape it over Hadajubn.
Insert collar core into the neckband of Nagajuban.

putting on Hadajuban

Put your arms through the sleeves. There should be no clearance between your neck and the collar at this point of time.

wearing Hadajuban


Hold the left and right ends of the collar in one hand. And hold the center line of the back of Nagajuban in the other hand.And pull the back of Nagajuban down at once.

pulling down Nagajuban

You can release your hands from Nagajuban. But make sure to leave a space about the size of your fist between your neck and the collar.

Hold both sides of collar around bust tops.
First place the right side over yourself. Now the left. The collar should cross above the collar bone.

collar of Nagajuban

Some empty space called Miyatsuguchi now remains under the arms.

Miyatsuguchi Nagajuban

Slip your hand under this and adjust both sides of collar to be symmetrical.

Adjusting Nagajuban

Place the soft sash just under your busts.

soft sash
soft sash adjustment

Cross the sash on your back and tighten it in your sides.


Finally tie it in front. The ends of sash should be tucked in as shown.
Without tucking them in, the surface in front become rough.

tucking in the ends of soft sash

In order to keep its shape while wearing, smooth out the wrinkles on the back of Nagajuban.

smooth out the wrinkles on the Nagajuban

This is Kimono. The Kimono is put on over the Nagajuban.
The collar of Kimono should be folded inside in half.

wear Kimono

Drape Kimono over yourself from your back.
Be careful not to squash its collar.

wearing japanese traditional dress

Hold the end sleeves of Nagajuban and slip your arms through the sleeves. Adjust the sleeves of Kimono to those of Nagajuban.

how to wear japanese traditional dress

Hold the top of the sleeves and pull on both left and right sleeves to be symmetrical.

japanese traditionla clothing how to

Hold the ends of Kimono sleeves and lift them up at once.
Bring the hemline to just above the floor.

japan kimono how to wear

In order to decide the width of the Left side portion of Kimono, drape it over to your right side of your body.

kimono wearing how to

Open the left side. And Bring the right side of Kimono to left side of your hip bone.(This will be the inner layer.)


Pull the left side hem up for 10-15cm.

how to wear japanese traditional clothing easyly

Then, fold the left side of Kimono to overlap on the top and meet the right side of your hip bone.
You do this as if you sweep the floor.
Pull the right side hem up a little.

kimono how to wear

Hold this firmly with one hand and take the waist cord in the other hand.

easy way to wear kimono

Place the waist cord and wrap it around your body.
Cross the waist cord on your back.

tell you how to wear Kimono

Keep the position of waist cord as now.
Slip your hand into the empty space under the arms and smooth out the slack.

How to wear waist cord for Kimono

In back, be sure the collar of Kimono goes up around 1cm higher than its Nagajuban.

How to wear Waist cord on the Kimono

You can see the crossing points of Nagajuban and Kimono on the collar.
Adjust the crossing points to below your ears.

waist cord for kimono

In front, Nagajuban has to be seen for first joint worth length from underneath Kimono.

putting on a waist cord

After adjusting the collar position, fix the position with clip of gum belt.
Smooth out the wrinkles above the gum belt.

kimono waist cord

Make sure that center fold line on your back is placed on the center of your back.
Smooth out the wrinkles.

waist cord putting on for kimono

This is a soft sash called Datejime.
Place the Datejime in front and cross it on the back. Then, tie it in front tuck the ends as shown.
Then again, smooth out the wrinkles.

put on waist cord
how to wear kimono with waist cord
easy to wear kimono with waist cord
waist cord for kimonos

This is Obi.
There are so many ways to tie the Obi depending on the style. We will show you one example today.
At first, fold the Obi as if you fold a screen.

how to wear Obi belt

Hold the end of Obi in your right hand and wrap it around your waist.

how to wear obi-belt

And then, pass the end of Obi to your left hand in front.
Obi should be better place little higher than your waist line.

wearing obi

Adjust the left side’s length of Obi to 50-60 cm or little longer than your arm.

wearing obi belt

After you fix the length, fold the left end of Obi in half as shown.

putting on an Obi

Pass the end of Obi from your left to right hand and tuck it into the gap between the Obi and your waist.

putting on an obi belt
putting on an obi-belt

You turn around and wrap the sash around your waist.

Wearingv obi belt for kimonos

In order to make Obi tie easier, fold the Obi diagonally as shown.

fold obi diagonally
folding obi diagonally

Wrap the shorter end of Obi around the longer end.
The shorter end is to be remained hanging down but the longer end should be folded as the width of your body in front.

warp the obi belt

Fold the Obi as Swiss roll and adjust the size as you like.

fold the obi as if it is a Swiss roll

Pick the center of both top and bottom of Obi with your fingers.
Adjust the Obi bow as if making two mountains.

pick the center of obi with your fingers
making obi bow

Wind the Obi from above as shown and tighten a knot.

how to make obi bow
obi ribbon

Tuck the end of Obi into the gap between the Obi and your waist.

making obi pretty

Arrange the bow in any shape as you like.

arrange your obi

Hold both front and back of Obi and reverse them at once.

reverse bthe obi belt
reverse the obi
reverse the obi-belt

The end of Obi should be tucked in.

complete making the obi arrngement

Check and smooth out your Kimono with your hand.
This band plate called Obi-ita takes the wrinkles on the Obi-belt.
So, insert it in front.

check kimono

It’s all done now!

all done easy to wear

We also show you how to wear Kimono with very detailed video on Youtube.

Please give a try to wear Kimono on your own!!!