Choose a kamon from its meaning and make your wish come true


There are various lucky charms in Japan, such as amulets or spells to make a wish come true or to eliminate anxieties. It could be said that kamon is one of them.

Kamon is a family or house crest. It has been a “symbol of the house or the people” as well as an amulet or a lucky charm. Each kamon is filled with wishes of the ancestors. By having a kamon which contains your or your family’s wish, it is considered that your hidden power would be brought out and your wish could come true.


What kind of wish do you have? Why not wear a kamon which makes your wish come true, and bring luck?

In this article, we introduce kamon accessories to suit your needs.




《Good luck, making a wish come true》

1.Kikyo (bellflower) mon

The Japanese kanji for “kikyo” means “even better”, and thus this kamon is considered as very auspicious and brings good luck. Bellflower is a beautiful and well-balanced flower, and they say it is the most beautiful kamon.

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2.Myoga (Japanese ginger) mon

There was a time when myoga was considered as a “plant to connect the earth to the heaven and the hell”, and for that, Japanese people started using it as a kamon. The word “myoga” also signifies “blessings from gods brought to you without yourself knowing it”, and thus was popular as a good luck charm too.

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《Descendants prosperity 》

1.Tsuta mon

Tsuta is a kind of vine, and known as a strong and auspicious plant, for it grows on other trees or buildings. The kanji for “tsuta” consists of “plant” and “bird”: from this fact, it is considered to signify the earth and the sky, and many houses think of this kamon as an ever-growing and hopeful symbol, and use it as their kamon.

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2.Katabami (wood sorrel) mon

Katabami is prolific in any environment and thus considered as a symbol for descendants prosperity. It is a wild plant but is popular among women as well, for it has a lovely heart-shaped leaves.

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《Matrimonial happiness》

1.Chidori mon

Out of all the chidori mon, nami (wave) chidori is especially favored as an auspicious pattern which signifies matrimonial happiness and well-being of the family. The waves mean the world, and this mon indicates that a couple will overcome the waves of life together.

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1.Noshi mon

The word “noshi” comes from “noshi awabi (thinly sliced abalone)”, and it was a good luck charm used as a gift for auspicious events or the food for ceremonies. “Noshi” also means “longevity” and this pattern has played a crucial role in wishing for longevity.

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2.Tachibana mon

Tachibana is a citrus which has existed in Japan since old times, and has been treasured as the symbol for eternal life, because it is an ever-green plant. Tachibana bears beautiful orange-colored fruits in cold winter, and thus is considered as a plant worthy of being a kamon as the symbol for strength or longevity.

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《Good commerce》

1.Hisago mon

Hisago (gourd) bears a lot of fruits, and thus has been connected with bringing better luck or business success. A fruit of gourd has many seeds as well, and for that, it is also a symbol for decendants prosperity. “Mubyo”, the pattern with six gourds, signifies “perfect health”.

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《Protection against evil》

1.Ougi mon

In the ancient times, people thought that gods reside in a fan (ougi). By creating wind with a fan and “inviting gods”, they believed that they would be safe thanks to the power of gods. It is a popular mon which signifies protection against danger and victory.

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Did you find a kamon to make your wish come true?

You can choose whichever kamon you like, and we also recommend made-to-order original kamon accessories with your favorite motif.