Kanzashi of Kyoto

<Kanzashi of Kyoto>



Hana kanzashi represents not only the season flowers of 12 months, but also “Gion matsuri” (the most famous festival of Kyoto). In addition to the 13 kind of Kanzashi, there are special Hana kanzashi in each Maiko and Geisha district.  

In other wards, Maiko and Geisha wear 14 kind of Hana Kanzashi once a year. Hana Kanzashi has been necessary for tradition of Kyoto since a lot time ago.

Kyoto is not the only place for manufacturing Kanzashi. There are also famous manufactures in Tokyo. However, the characteristic of Kanzashi in Kyoto are its “true to nature” elements all theories aside. Their Kanzashi are depicted in vivid detail of flowers. Therefore, Kanzashi in Kyoto are less fancier than one in Tokyo.

We pay the considerable attention to its lightness,toughness and beauty when we make Kanzashi.


<How to make Hana Kanzashi>

The main material of Hana Kanzashi is squarely cut piece of thin silk cloth ,called “Habutae” . The flower of a Kanzashi  is made by putting clothes together with paste. The tool for making flower petals is not special. Artisans make small flower  very carefully one by one with tweezers.


And, the way of making flower petals are roughly divided into two types. “Maru-tsumami”,a round –shaped petal like a Japanese plum, and “Ken-tsumami”, a sharp –shaped petal like a chrysanthemum.




A different shape of petals make a different impression. There are skills and sense of Artisans, not to mention Japanese tradition in a Kanzashi.