Kawaii Kamon Japanese family crest

Kamon refers to a family crest inherited from ancestors, and is something like a family logo. It is also known as a Japanese family crest or a Japanese mon overseas.     Kamon started to be used by nobles more than 1,300 years ago in the Heian period, and by the Kamakura period, it was spread among samurai families. Samurais apparently walked around carrying their weapons such as a Katana(sword), with kamon on them, to show their dignity.     By the Meiji period, kimonos with kamon became popular and for that, it was required of all houses to have a unique kamon. General people were able to decide their kamon as they liked, and various motifs were made into kamon. As a result,  it is said that there are more than 20,000 varied designs of kamon available today. Unique designs of kamon are very popular abroad, and goods or accessories using kamon are the focus of attention among fashionable women. Here, we introduce cute kamon we would like to recommend especially to women, out of all kamon. Why not use then as an accent for your outfit?      

Usagi mon (rabbit crest)

Three mischievous rabbits make a great impression! Rabbits have been regarded as a spirit of the Moon in Japan since old days, and started to be used as a kamon motif since the Sengoku Jidai (the period of the warring states). It is an auspicious crest which means longevity and prosperity. It is a crest used by shrines too. Such a sacred kamon, but it is as cute as rabbit characters like Miffy or Peter Rabbit!      


This kamon of a puffy sweet bird is called chidori mon. Chidori refers to all small shorebirds.The chidori mon combined with wave patterns is especially auspicious and signifies a happy marriage and well-being of one’s family. It is a design cherished since old times as a traditional pattern, and there are various items with chidori mon. At Kimono Online Shop, we sell silver kanzashi with a chidori pattern. Cute chidori looks cool and stylish when combined with silver!

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Ume tsuru (plum and crane)

What do you see? Just a plum blossom? Look again. The stem part is a face of a crane, and the petals are the crane’s wings. Since old times, cranes as well as turtles signify longevity. From its auspicious and elegant figure, a crane has been cherished as a go-to pattern for auspicious events. That is why it is also popular as a kamon motif.   The tsuru mon like this also comes in rice, ginkgo, and chrysanthemum . It is a very unique and fabulous kamon!      

Hyotan (gourd)

This kamon uses five hyotans (gourds) as a motif, and it looks like a flower from afar. It is a very fun kamon; the unique shape of a gourd and the way it shines are delicately recreated. Hyotan has been a symbol for a family’s success and prosperity, for it extends vines and produces a lot of fruit. It is also regarded as a lucky charm or a talisman to protect the wearer from evil, and is used as a crest for shrines too. Bring an auspicious hyotan item with you to bring luck!

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Tachibana (citrus tachibana)

A very cute flower kamon?…No, it is not a flower. The round heart on its center is a fruit of tachibana. Leaves are decorated around it. It is a very rare kamon designed with a fruit as its main design. Tachibana has a strong aroma, and grows well even under heavy snow; for that, it is used as a kamon which signifies eternal prosperity and longevity. Tachibana mon goods are for those who are elegant and hold themselves well, just like tachibana!  

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Katabami (creeping woodsorrel)

This simple and cute kamon, which looks like three hearts come together, uses a plant called katabami (creeping woodsorrel) as its motif. Creeping woodsorrel has a strong reproductive power, and it is hard to get rid of it once it has settled in. For these reasons, it has often been used as a samurai kamon to signify family success and prosperity. Use katabami mon which has a feminine design and a hidden power, and be fashionable as well as lucky!

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Karigane (wild geese)

Doesn’t it look like three birds holding their wings together? This is a kamon with wild geese, the migratory bird, as its motif. For its unique voice, a wild goose is known as an “auspicious bird which brings luck” and is said to bring letters from ancestors. It is also famous as a mon which shows the unity, for they fly in a group. Wear karigane mon with family members or friends together, and your bond with them will deepen!      

Rosoku (candle)

This kamon uses wa rosoku (Japanese candle) with a striking curve as its motif. From its unique shape and the bright image to light up the darkness, it is said that this kamon was mainly used by merchant families. It is a fun kamon which emphasizes creativity and the looks rather than how auspicious it is. Rosoku mon items will definitely light you up and make you feel bright anytime you wear it.   Those who wish to know what exactly wa rosoku is, click the link below! At Kimono Online Shop, we sell authentic and gorgeous painted wa rosoku.

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    There are more cute kamons out there that we could hardly introduce all of them! Its intricate design has gotten the attention from all over the world, but its charm does not only reside in the way it looks. The meaning and the wish which Japanese people in old days carried with a kamon is very important too. At Kimono Online Shop, we have accessories with cute kamons, including the ones introduced here. All of them are very stylish and auspicious kamons, and are highly recommended as a gift to your loved one.   Enjoy a new fashion style with cute kamon accessories!