Modern Kimono fashion created by Japanese young people

You may think “Japanese people wear Kimono everyday. ”or “Any Japanese people know how to wear kimono.”

Womn who are modern kimono fashion

A large number of people from overseas still believe that kimono has been a necessary item of Japanese lives.
However, in modern lives, only a few people wear kimono everyday and a lot of people don’t even know how to wear kimono.

These days, they only wear kimono at formal situations like a wedding ceremony.
Kimono became special clothes for modern Japanese people at the present day.

Then, why did Japanese people stop wearing kimono in daily lives?

Kimono got avoided by people because it took time to wear one compare to the modern clothes and it was hard to move when wearing it.
Modern pink kimono fashion

However, that situation has been changed.
Japanese young people have started to take an interest in Japanese traditional culture due to the heightened attention of Japan(“Japan boom”) from other countries.
Because of this, young japanese started pay more attention to traditional kimono as fashion.
Two ladies dressed in modern kimono fashion.

At the moment dressing kimono with western taste items are come into style among them.Surprisingly, that style was born in Meiji period (more than 100 years from now).
At that time, Japanese government started to accept western culture due to opening of the country to the world . Therefore, western culture had percolated through to Japanese lifestyle.

Here are some examples of kimono style mixed with western items these days.

Modern fashion to coordinate kimonos and boots.
After boots were imported from overseas in middle of Meiji period, people began to wear boots with kimono.
Women's feet wearing colorful, modern kimono.
Compare to Zori(Japanese traditional sandal), it was not only fashionable but also safe to wear. With boots, you can walk safely even on the slippery street.Also, boots protect feet from a cold weather in winter.

In modern Japan, this style is very popular for university female students. Many students choose this style at a graduation ceremony.
Women who make modern kimono fashion in adult ceremonies.

The male hairstyle changed from the mage (*topknot) style into a cropped head due to the “Danpatsurei (order to cut the topknot)” from the government in the early Meiji period.At the time, a style wearing hat became popular instead of the mage hairstyle.
A young couple wearing a modern kimono.
In Taisho period, wearing hat became common in Japan.That coordinate still in fashion these days.
People enjoy to choose various types hats. For example, straw hat, beret or knit cap and so on.They can show their individuality by wearing hat. And, hat or cap is helpful to prevent sun shine in summer and protect coldness in winter.
A modern fashion that combines kimonos and hats.

Western culture is no longer special for modern young people any more. That is why young people see traditional items as kimono as cool and fashionable.
Kimono has a original design that western clothes don’t have. So, they are having fun that they arrange kimono fashion with their favorite items.
A woman dressed in modern kimono fashion.

Of course, People have to follow some rules when they wear kimono at a formal situation like a wedding or a funeral. It is necessary to learn about basic manner when wearing kimono.

However, fresh idea of fashion always makes trends. And more and more new kimono fashion will be born by young people. Kimono will become more closer to people by an unconventional way.