Japanese traditional Kimono, the pattern and the color

These days, it seems everyone recasts their image of Kimono into something fashionable and modern. From young to elderly people, Kimono became one of the special dresses to wear on a special day. When wearing Kimono, you feel as if you get taller because you need to keep your back straight all the time. If you have never worn it, why don’t you try??



Did you know that pattern of Kimono has a season? You need to choose the pattern with getting ahead of the seasons. Through four seasons in Japan, seasonal flower tend to be turn into the pattern of Kimono. There are spring flower for spring kimono, summer flower for summer, autumn flower for autumn and winter flower for winter. The most important thing is that you need to always get ahead of the season when picking up the Kimono.
But how much do we need to “get ahead”?
“Getting ahead of the season” means we CANNOT “getting behind of the season”. For instance,
You can wear Kimono with Sakura (cherry blossom) before blossoming out but cannot wear one after falling out. Japanese people perceive as unsophisticated or lame if someone wears Sakura pattern Kimono when Sakura is in full bloom or after falling.


You may think that it is too strict to follow the rule, however you do not always have to wear seasonable pattern. If it is a flowery season, you wear quiet tones of color Kimono. On the other hand, if it is a less flowery season, you wear colorful and gorgeous Kimono. You pay attention to not only the pattern but also the color of Kimono. These Japanese spirits are called “Iki” meaning smart, stylish and sophisticated.
Then, let us introduce the flower patterns of four seasons!!



★Pattern of Spring★

Peach, Cherry blossom, Iris, Japanese wisteria, camellia and peony etc


0060-520x292 桜Cherry blossom


1481-520x390 椿camellia



★Pattern of Summer★

Hydrangea, Maple, Morning glory, Bamboo, Bamboo leaf, willow and iris etc


0448-520x345 朝顔  Morning glory


0490-520x345 竹Bamboo and Bamboo leaf


★Pattern of Autumn★

Autumn color leaves, Bush clover, Chinese bellflower, dianthus and camellia etc


0560-520x345 紅葉 Autumn color leaves


1274-520x348 撫子dianthus


★Pattern of Winter★
Chrysanthemum, Nandina, a set of Pine, Bamboo and plum etc




1280-520x344 南天 Nandina




A decade ago, it was said that wearing Pink color Kimono is only for young women and wearing grey is for elderly women. However is there really such age restriction these days? The answer is yes and no. Surely, some patterns seem a little too flashy or loud for elder women no matter what color it is. However, even though wearing the same Kimono, changing Obi-belt or accessories might change your look completely different. So, in conclusion you can wear any color or pattern of Kimono if you style up with suitable Obi-belt or accessories no matter how old you are.


We hope that you may able to find the color which suite your skin and style up with appropriate accessories depending on the occasion.