Are Kimonos really familiar existence for Japanese?

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Japanese research organization named DIMSDRIVE had conducted a survey about “Kimono” in 2006.

The number of answerers was 7607 Japanese aged from teenagers to 60s living in Japan (Male: 3010 / Female: 4597).


95.1% of Japanese women aged 20 and over had experienced to wear kimonos.

To the question of “Have you ever wore Kimono?”, 70.6% of people said “Yes”.  Provided the data that 95.1% of Japanese women aged 20 and over had experienced to wear kimonos, it represents that a certain number of Japanese men also has wore a Kimono in their life.

Surprisingly, it revealed that about 99% of women aged 60 and over have wore a kimono. There was a trend that the higher the age of answerers, the more many people answered with “Yes” without distinction of sex.


Wedding ceremony is the most popular scene to wear kimono

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To the question of “When did you been dressed kimono recently? ”, the largest number of the answer was “At a wedding ceremony” with 33.8%. Come to think of it, it is very common that a certain number of people wearing a kimono at the wedding in Japan unless the wedding ceremony is hold in the church. Especially, the relatives of bride and gloom tend to choose kimonos as a dress.

Incidentally, the second highest number of the answer was “At the coming of age ceremony” with 19.6%. Japanese coming of age ceremony seems very unique (Please check this blog ).

Other common answers were “1st January”, “Traditional Japanese engagement ceremony”, “Entrance ceremony and graduate ceremony”.


The images of kimonos from Japanese perspective

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To the question of what image do you have to kimono?, just under 80% of people said “Very Japaneseish”. Actually, the third common answer was “It is requires great care and hard tasks”.

In fact, it is certainly true to say that people cannot about being physically restrictive to take care for not losing an appropriate shape of kimono when they wear.


Is that usual to own plural kimonos?

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According to the survey, more than 70% of Japanese own their plural kimonos. Apparently, 17% of its people have more than 10 kimonos.

Considering the price of kimonos and its exclusiveness, it sounds kind of surprising.

Without regard to age or sex, Japanese people may find kimonos familiar and special in any ways.