Product creator profile: Calligrapher in Kyoto




“The ‘calligraphy’ artist delivering his artwork from Kyoto to all over the world!!”


Kazuki Yamane: Calligrapher


From Ogi, Yamaguchi Prefecture Born in 1982

Learned calligraphy under Souken Ogura. Graduated from Hanazono University (Calligraphy Course) in Kyoto.

His works include various movie and TV series title artwork and working exclusively with the Kyoto movie studio as a calligrapher since 2011.

Also known for workshops and live performances held at cafés and Japanese restaurants, and the workshop for foreign tourists called “Japanese Calligraphy Workshop” is also popular.


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Japanese Calligraphy Experience Workshop

English workshop also available. Comes with a souvenir such as the uchiwa (hand fan)with your calligraphy!!




body writing

Not writing letters but experiencing it. The calligrapher transforms your favorite word into Japanese letters and writes it directly on your skin using the special ink.  

It will fade in 2-3 days unless you take special care of it.




Live Performance (Kyoto: Shinsenen)




Starring in various events








Kazuki Yamane Artwork on Media

Various works are used on TV shows as well as movies


Teaching calligraphy art



Billboard Letters: Guest House (Kyoto)




Kuroge Wagyu Providing brand name calligraphy



Providing label calligraphy








Kazuki Yamane Artwork










Brand / Principles


【書Pan (Shopan)】

Shopan is the principle behind activities for the calligrapher Kazuki Yamane.

“Pan” in Japanese means to lead, to carry, and to spread; it also signifies “everything”.

Connecting and communicating with people through “calligraphy”.

Shopan is the word created from the above sentiment.


At Japanese calligraphy workshop, students learn how to capture letters spatially, creatively and how kanji (Chinese characters) was born but the learning process doesn’t stop there; the calligrapher also pays attention to the hand movement which is in connection with calligraphy and teaches the way one carries her/himself.

He tries to create Japanese calligraphy art using five senses, materials from various things and inspirations from people. He works under the motto “art communication” and uses media called “letters”.





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