【Japanese calligraphy art】”Setsu Getsu Ka (Snow, Moon, Flower)” in Kanji on palm-sized message cards

【Japanese calligraphy art】”Setsu Getsu Ka (Snow, Moon, Flower)” in Kanji on palm-sized message cards -
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Special Features of the Product

The small and cute three-letter Japanese calligraphy artwork on palm-sized message cards which is perfect for interior decoration.

It comes with a hanging scroll to fit three palm-sized message cards, so you can decorate it right away.


“Setsu Getsu Ka”…Snow, Moon and Flower. Japan has four seasons, and this word shows three things which represent the beauty of nature in four seasons; snow in winter, the moon in autumn and flowers in spring. It signifies the gorgeous view to be enjoyed in each season.


Mini message card…7.5cm×7.5cm


Hanging scroll…38.5cm in length×12.5cm in width





This Japanese calligraphy art does not only match a Japanese room but looks perfect on a Western room as well. Why not add the relaxing Japanese essence to your room? We hope you enjoy Japanese calligraphy art. It would be a great addition to the doorway, and would make a fantastic gift for your loved one too. Do use it for your office or as a part of interior decoration of your shop.

Created with love

Japanese calligraphy is a part of traditional culture in Japan. Unique letters written by a brush are beautiful and fascinating.

You might not understand what is written, but even if there is no explanation you will not be able to stop looking at it.


We create each artwork with the utmost care and love for our customers, hoping that you will be even more in love with Japanese calligraphy and enjoy it.



Calligrapher in Kyoto

Yamane Kazuki



Each artwork is hand-painted and different. Each and every one of them is unique.

Please understand that the artisan might be able to write similar-looking letters, but each letter will be different from another.

 Please contact us before you make your purchase, for it (hanging scrolls included) might not be available in stock.

Setsu Getsu Ka Production

Price US $106 contactus
Free shipping.