【Made-to-order】Calligraphy art of your English to Japanese kanji name 1

【Made-to-order】Calligraphy art of your English to Japanese kanji name 1 -
Price US $180~ contactus
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【Artwork characteristics】

→Creator: Calligrapher Profile

Example: The name “Liam”


璃…glassy|lapis lazuli


Why not transform your name into Japanese kanji calligraphy to decorate in your room?
The letters written with the utmost care would be great as a gift, too.
A calligrapher in Kyoto transforms your name into Japanese kanji calligraphy and writes it on a message board with a brush.
Each kanji calligraphy has a meaning.
You can choose kanji characters based on their meanings.

→There are arty kanji calligraphy types available.

【Size and specification】

Message board…27cm length×24cm width
Hanging scroll…69cm length×31.5cm width

【Usage scenes】



Hand-written letters as a gift for a wedding, a baby shower, a birthday, a longevity celebration, a retirement, an opening of business and an anniversary. This beautiful hand-written gift will be long remembered and will be a great way to send a message to your loved ones on crucial scenes.

For your beloved family member, friend, or for yourself. Customization available including a name with the birthday or the birth weight (additional fee required).

The best gift for a baby shower. It will look great as a decoration of a room, or as a gift for your loved one.

【Information regarding made-to-order products】

Please feel free to contact us.Request form

〇Let us know the name you wish to be written on a message board in your comment or message. After receiving the comment/message, we will come up with the most suitable kanji calligraphy for the name (comes with the explanation of each kanji calligraphy’s meaning).

〇Please consult us if you have an additional request, such as writing the birthday, the birth weight or a message.



【Calligraphy art Production】

Price US $180~ contactus
Free shipping.