bachi-shaped kanzashi(black)

bachi-shaped kanzashi(black) -
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【Bachi Kanzashi (Japanese hair ornament) / Black: Product Details】

・Color: Black

・Size: Width…about 8cm, Length…about 15cm.

・Material: Lacquered wood, 2-stick kanzashi


◎The pattern on this kanzashi is hand-painted by an artisan.

◎This kanzashi is made of lacquered wood. Keep from drying out, avoid humidity and rapid temperature changes. Keep away from hair spray.  

◎Please note that tying hair with one kanzashi or holding the decorated part of a kanzashi might result in breaking and damages.

【Features of this kanzashi】

It is a formal bachi-shaped kanzashi with beauty and elegance. Gold-lacquered sakura (cherry blossom) and ume (plum blossom) made of mother-of-pearl are decorated on the jet black-colored stand. It possesses a very elegant and sophisticated design. Made in Japan with care.


Sakura (cherry blossom) pattern

Since the Heian period (794-1185), “flower” means “sakura” in Japan. It was said that in a cherry blossom tree the God of rice resides, and by the blossom condition people foretold how rich or poor the harvest of the coming year would be. There are various sakura patterns: only petals, or those combined with floating water and such. This pattern is often used for kimono as well.


Ume (plum blossom) pattern

Before the Nara period (710-794), in Japan “flower” meant “ume”. There are mainly 2 types of ume patterns; ume eda mon in which plum blossoms are painted with branches, and ume monyo which only 5 petals are closely painted. This product adopts the plum blossom pattern with its branches. Ume blossom is also called as “kou bun boku”, and it is said that academics blossom in the world when plum blossoms bloom beautifully. “Ume” also means “to give birth” in Japan, and for that, it is the pattern to wish for safe delivery of a child.



On the back of this kanzashi, 3 floating cherry blossom petals are painted. It looks like they are heart-shaped, and makes this product even more feminine.

【Bachi-shaped kanzashi provided by the historic kanzashi shop in Kyoto】

Established in the Edo period, “Kintakedo” is the kanzashi/ hair ornament specialty shop manufacturing and selling hana kanzashi as well as hair ornaments for maiko. This bachi-shaped 2-stick kanzashi from “Kintakedo” is hand painted with care by an artisan.

Needless to say, it goes well with a houmongi (visiting wear) or a formal kimono, but it also matches casual clothes or western clothes. Since it is black, it looks great with any type of outfit.  

It might look great as an interior decoration in the display case, on days when you do not wear it!


Price US $496→430
Free shipping.