Kyo-Yuzen Clutch bag “Fortunate Clouds” -Pink

Kyo-Yuzen Clutch bag “Fortunate Clouds” -Pink -
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Pop Color Combination with Fortunate Clouds

This attractive clutch transformed the image of Kyo-Yuzen into modern.


・Color:Pink ・H14㎝×W28㎝×D40㎝ ・Super light-weight 195g ・Detachable Chain handle ・Magnetic fastening ・Daytime & evening clutch ・Suit both Western & Japanese style ・Use same cloth material as high grade Kyo-Yuzen Kimono delivered to Imperial house of Japan ・Water repellent finish ・All handmade by professional craftsmen ・Made in Kyoto, Japan ※Our products are all hand made. They may be slightly different to the picture shown. ※Vulnerable to lose color when rubbed.

Long tradition of Kyo-Yuzen

Kyo-Yuzen, the representative of traditional craft in Kyoto is a one of the dying techniques developed from the skill of Mr. Yuzensai Miyazaki, a professional artist making Japanese fan( Ougi) in Edo period. The dying technique is unique in the world for using glue resistance called Itome Nori. It prevents the color to be wept out from the line and enables us to dye the cloth in so many colors. These days, there is only a few craftspeople left and machine dying or imitation of Kyo-Yuzen are becoming mainstream. Hand-made Kimono is hard to find these days and said to be only 10% in the market.

Great capacity

Recasting a public image of small capacity of clutch bags, characteristic of our product is its great capacity. You will be able to put all of your essentials such as mobile phone, wallet, card case and make-up items in one bag. And to add to it, it is really light. We paid close attention to not only its beauty but also functional aspect.

Price US $490.00
Free shipping.