Hana (flower) Kanzashi [Morning Glory / Small Size] -blue

Hana (flower) Kanzashi [Morning Glory / Small Size] -blue -
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Hana (flower) Kanzashi [Morning Glory / Small Size]

· Size: Width 5.5 cm · Height 4 cm · Overall Length 13 cm
・Super light-weight 11g


・We have been making Kanzashi of Geisha from Edo Period until present.
・All handmade by professional craftsmen.
・Made in Kyoto, Japan


※Our products are all hand made. They may be slightly different to the picture shown.
※Fragile Item

Delivering the authentic kanzashi sold in Gion, Kyoto, to you…

All hana kanzashi sold at Japanese kimono online shop are made by Kintakedo, the shop which still makes kanzashi for maiko in hanamachi. Purcahse a kanzashi of Kintakedo, and you can wear the same kanzashi worn by maiko!! The shop’s history dates back to the Edo period, and they make kanzashi using the same technique and materials to this day. Why not buy “honma mon (authentic)” kanzashi from Kyoto for yourself or for your loved one?


Features of this kanzashi

This kanzashi uses morning glory as its motif. Morning glory kanzashi is decorated on a maiko’s head in August.

The kanzashi worn by maiko uses bigger flowers as a motif, but this one uses a smaller flower so that you can wear the maiko-like kanzashi in everyday life.



Unlike tsumami kanzashi which is made by pinching cloth, this is a bit different and unique kind in all kanzashi made by Kintakedo.  

A thin cloth is put on paper without making wrinkles, and this cloth is dyed in the color of morning glory.


The cloth used for leaves is thin and delicate yet beautifully put. You can feel the artisan’s great skill. The shape and the color of leaves are very real, too.


The language of flowers for morning glory is “love in vain”, “affection” and “strong connection”.



An updo with a Morning Glory kanzashi


It’s a small and lovely hana kanzashi; make it an accent on your updo and be gorgeous!!

The image is a purple morning glory.


The image is a pink morning glory.



Price US $110
Free shipping.