Hana Kanzashi [Dragonfly / Small Size] -Red

Hana Kanzashi [Dragonfly / Small Size] -Red -
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Hana(flower) Kanzashi [Dragonfly / Small Size] Details

・Width:5㎝, length:5cm, height:4.5cm / Overall length:10.5cm
・Super light-weight 11g
・We have been making Kanzashi of Geisha from Edo Period until present.
・All handmade by professional craftsmen.
・Made in Kyoto, Japan

※Our products are all hand made. They may be slightly different to the picture shown.
※Fragile Item

The technique and materials used since the Edo period

All hana kanzashi sold at Japanese kimono online shop are made by Kintakedo in Kyoto. Kintakedo is the shop in Gion, Kyoto, which continues to create hana kanzashi and other hair accessories for hanamachi and tayuu since the end of the Edo period. The technique has not changed since the opening of the shop and is inherited to modern times, and maiko in Kyoto continue to wear hana kanzashi made by Kintakedo. Their products spread big through word of mouth, many people saying that if you are go purchase kanzashi, do so in Gion, Kyoto, and now many kanzashi for general customers are made and sold as well.


Dragonfly Kanzashi

A dragonfly kanzashi is a rare item in all kanzashi made by Kinchikudo. It is worn by maiko in August.




Dragonfly has been a “special insect” in Japan since old times. It lets you know the beginning of Autumn;  it has been regarded as the auspicious insect for the way they fly straight-forward and the fact that they eat pest. It was called as “winning insect” and was popular among samurais as well.

Samurai warrior helmet with a dragonfly as a motif: http://kisspress.jp/articles/2676/

Features of this kanzashi

The wings are made by cool-looking transparent material, and it is stuck to thin wires. You can see the technique of a skillful artisan. It even has eyes!

The eyes and the wings are sparkling and change the color by the angle you look at it from, and when decorated on your hair, it will stand out!!


Why not make your hair into a bun, and decorate it with a dragonfly kanzashi? It will be a great hair accessory for those who like unique fashion.


Model wearing kanzashi is a blue dragonfly kanzashi.




Price US $83.00
Free shipping.