Hana Kanzashi (silver grass) -Red

Hana Kanzashi (silver grass) -Red -
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Hana (flower) Kanzashi [Silver Grass / Small Size]

・Width:5.5㎝,  height:4.5cm / Overall length:12.5cm
・Super light-weight 11g

・We have been making Kanzashi of Geisha from Edo Period until present.
・All handmade by professional craftsmen.
・Made in Kyoto, Japan


※Our products are all hand made. They may be slightly different to the picture shown.
※Fragile Item

Delivering the traditional crafts of Kyoto with history to you…

“Kintakedo” is located nearby Yasaka Jinja (Shrine) in Gion, Kyoto. It is the shop specialized in manufacturing and selling hair accessories and hana (flower) kanzashi for maiko and geiko since the end of the Edo period.


You can purchase authentic and traditional crafts of Kyoto made by artisans of “Kintakedo” at Japanese kimono online shop. You can wear the same kanzashi created using the unchanging method and materials since ancient times and worn by maiko in Kyoto!!


We deliver a kanzashi of Kintakedo, so famous that people often say, “if you are going to buy a kanzashi, go to Gion, Kyoto”.


Features of this kanzashi

The motif of this kanzashi is silver grass.

The language of flowers for silver grass is said to be “energy” and “heart-to-heart connection”.


In August, maiko decorate their head with silver grass kanzashi.


The actual silver grass and the kanzashi worn by maiko…might give you different impressions, right?

The actual silver grass is fluffy and soft, but the kanzashi worn by maiko is sharp and looks like a snow crystal. When asked about it, the artisan of Kintakedo told us that “since the ancient times, silver grass as a motif is created like this; there’s a rule”…


There are two kinds of silver grass kanzashi at Kinchikudo; one in blue and one in pink. Apparently, young maiko tend to prefer a pink silver grass kanzashi, and older maiko like to wear a blue silver grass kanzashi.


Sparkling and shiny silver grass kanzashi would be great to wear together with your mother/daughter or friend, since it comes in two colors!!

↑Kanzashi silver grass (pink)


↑Kanzashi silver grass (blue)



Price US $107.00
Free shipping.