Hand fan【Classical Orb】-usubeni (pale pink)-

Hand fan【Classical Orb】-usubeni (pale pink)- -
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Hand fan【Classical Orb】-usubeni (pale pink)- detail

・Color: usubeni (pale pink), gold and silver leaf

・Size: M, about 20cm×1.2cm, maximum width: about 35cm

・Fan materials…Japanese paper, gold, silver, paints, both-side printing

Fan ribs…burned bamboo

*Each sensu (hand fan) is hand-made and has an individual difference.

*The color may look different by the condition of light and give a different impression, for gold leaf is used.

We appreciate your understanding.

About this sensu(Japanese folding fan)

The elegant atmosphere of the times when Kyoto was the capital city, with the Tale of Genji Emaki and Heike Noukyo as its motifs, floats and reaches the modern times. The series of fans created by the artist who wishes to hand down the tradition of the sensu culture to later generations.

Round and finer gold/silver dust symbolizes orbs. Scattered noge (strip of gold leaf) and koishi (tiny, square gold leaf) symbolize floating spirits.

The theme of this series is “floating over time”, it is a pattern inspired by the faith for spirits and souls seen in Japanese traditional performing arts.

This is a convenient and easy-to-carry sensu of a medium size.→About the size of sensu

The slightly smaller and convenient size to carry around, the color of bamboo, the form when it is closed, and the number of bones; this is an exquisite and thoroughly beautiful item.

Handmade sensu created by an artisan with care

Various products are made in factories overseas and sold at cheaper prices in modern times, due to globalization.

Sensu, too, are mainly made in China nowadays. Instead of hand-painting, many are printed for cost-saving purposes. There used to be many artisans who made sensu in Kyoto, but the number has rapidly decreased. Many of the remained artisans are getting old and it is harder and harder each day to teach the technique to later generations.

This kindami (gold-decorated) sensu is created so we can feel closer to Kyo sensu, and enjoy using it. Each product is handmade with care. Feel the scent unique to Kyoto sensu, the paper, the fan bones, the fan side decoration, the folding, the glues, the details and the quality.

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Price US $128
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