Hand fan【Classical gin-un (silver cloud)】-usubeni (pale pink)-

Hand fan【Classical gin-un (silver cloud)】-usubeni (pale pink)- -
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Hand fan【Classical gin-un (silver cloud)】-usubeni (pale pink)- detail

・Color: pale pink, gold and silver leaf

・Size: M, about 20cm×1.2cm, maximum width: about 35cm

・Fan materials…Japanese paper, gold, silver, paints, both-side printing

 Fan ribs…burned bamboo

*Each sensu (folding fan) is hand-made and has an individual difference.

*The color may look different by the condition of light and give a different impression, for gold leaf is used.  

We appreciate your understanding.

About this sensu (hand fan)

Gin un (silver cloud) classical

The elegant atmosphere of the era when Kyoto was the capital city of Japan, with “The Tale of Genji” and “Heike Nokyo (sutras dedicated to the Taira family)” as its motifs, floats over time and reaches our times. In this series, the creator embodied the tradition to pass down to future generations as a part of the sensu (hand fan) culture.  

Clouds symbolized by fine silver sunago (dust) with big pebbles are painted to represent a slow flow. 

By using silver sunago (dust), clouds symbolized with the technique often used in Japanese paintings and called eun, are depicted. Clouds floating in the sky and moving slowly are symbolized and depicted to match the peculiar form of a sensu (hand fan); a very Japanese-like product.

*Eun (also called as egasumi)

This sensu (hand fan) is a 100% hand-made product from materials such as paper and ribs, decoration, folding to gluing with the traditional art craft technique.

This sensu (hand fan) is a size M, which is suitable for carrying around. →About size of sensu (hand fan)

It is a product fairly small and is easy to carry around; it pursues the genuine beauty and the elegance of a sensu (hand fan), from the color of bamboo, the form when it is closed, to the number of ribs.  

When opening or moving it, you can smell a hint of the Japanese scent.

We send this sensu (hand fan) along with a pouch packaged in a chic box.

The authentic texture and the genuine quality made in Kyoto, the origin of sensu (hand fan)

It is said that sensu (hand fan) was first created in Kyoto. “Ougi (fan)” which can be opened and closed is sometimes said to have been originated in China, but this story resulted in mistaking the meaning of the word “ougi (fan)” which only referred to uchiwa (paper fan, Japanese fan). Ougi (fan), made by lining up thin wooden boards and folding paper, was invented in Japan. This original sensu (hand fan) pursuing the beauty and chicness unique to sensu (hand fan) and is difficult to recreate by printing, is made in Kyoto, taking in the traditional technique to place and decorate gold leaf. It is a product only made in Kyoto, the birthplace of sensu (hand fan).

“Classical gin un (silver cloud)” is created under the concept of a sensu (hand fan) as an art craft created only by the artist who lives in modern times. Do feel the “breeze” in Japan, with this sensu (hand fan) made not only with the traditional technique but also the unique artistic expression.

Price US $128
Free shipping.