Hand fan【Classical kingasumi (gold mist)】-karashi (mustard color)-

Hand fan【Classical kingasumi (gold mist)】-karashi (mustard color)- -
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Hand fan【Classical kingasumi (gold mist)】-karashi (mustard color)- detail

・Color: mustard color, gold and silver leaf

・Size: M, about 20cm×1.2cm, maximum width: 35cm

・Fan materials…Japanese paper, gold, silver, paints, both-side printing

 Fan ribs…burned bamboo

*Each sensu (hand fan) is hand-made and has an individual difference.

*The color may look different by the condition of light and give a different impression, for gold leaf is used.  

We appreciate your understanding.

About this sensu (hand fan)

Kingasumi (gold mist) classical 

The elegant atmosphere of the era when Kyoto was the capital of Japan, with “The Tale of Genji” and “Heike Nokyo (sutras dedicated to the Taira family)” as its motifs, floats over time and reaches modern times. In this series, the creator embodied the tradition to pass down to future generations as a part of the sensu (hand fan) culture.

This sensu (hand fan) is created with the image of particles floating under the sun by using shiny gold sunago (dust) with finer gold and silver sunago (dust), and depicts the mist floating in the morning sunlight among the mountains. Floating mist-like particles under the strong sunlight among the mountains are depicted on this sensu (hand fan).  

This sensu (hand fan) is a 100% hand-made product from materials such as paper and ribs, decoration, folding to gluing with the traditional art craft technique of Kyoto. It is a product filled with traditions which a creator would like to pass down to modern times, as well as later generations.

This sensu is a size M, which is convenient for carrying around. →About size of sensu (hand fan)

It is a product fairly small which is easy to carry around, and created to pursue the genuine beauty and the elegance of a sensu (hand fan) from the color of bamboo, the form when it is closed, to the number of ribs.  

When opening or moving it, you can smell a hint of the Japanese scent.

We send this sensu (hand fan) along with a pouch in a chic box.

The brilliance of kindami (gold decoration) sensu (folding fan) made in Kyoto

Sensu (hand fan) is so popular these days among foreigners, and apparently, it is the most popular souvenir from Japan. And due to this popularity, sensu (hand fan) is mass-produced and is sold at cheaper prices. The surface of a sensu (hand fan) is made with the printing technique for mass production, and it is often very fragile because it does not have strong ribs.  

Kindame (gold decoration) sensu (hand fan) we sell at Kimono online shop are authentic sensu (hand fan) created by the kindame (gold decoration) sensu (hand fan) artist who resides in Higashiyama, Kyoto. It is hand-made with the utmost care from ribs, folding to gluing, so each product is slightly different from another. The design and decoration, such as dyeing and putting gold and silver leaf, of a sensu (hand fan) is all hand-made as well. That is why even sensu (hand fan) with the same design look and feel different.   

We provide the authentic sensu (hand fan) hand-made in Kyoto with the utmost care at Kimono online shop.

Price US $128
Free shipping.