Hand fan 【Tsudoi】-white-

Hand fan 【Tsudoi】-white- -
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Japanese hand fan [Tsudoi] detail


・Size: L, about 21cm×1.2cm, maximum width: about 36cm

・Single-side printing

・Fan materials…Japanese paper, gold, silver, paints, both-side printing

・Fan ribs…burned bamboo

*Each sensu (hand fan) is hand-made and has an individual difference.

*The color may look different by the condition of light and give a different impression, for gold leaf is used.  

We appreciate your understanding.

About this sensu (hand fan)

Square shapes created with gathering fine isago (gold dust).

By using inorganic straight lines and combining momigara (pattern made by crumpling a paper), a “tradition-meets-modern” fan is made.   

On the decorative side, we strove to bring out the texture unique to sensu (hand fan) which is hard to recreate with printing.

Gold leaf gives out many different impressions by reflecting itself by each fold. One can feel the elegance cherished by Japanese people since old times.

This product was created in the image of a strange space where geometric designs exist, to combine the modern sense and the traditional technique. Also, when it’s folded its form remains stylish; the owner would feel it is great to carry it around.

Since it is the product to be carried around, it comes with a pouch so that customers can take a sensu (hand fan) out of the box and use it without hesitation. We send a sensu (hand fan) along with a pouch in a chic box.  When opening or moving it, you can smell a hint of the Japanese scent.

The Kyoto-original sensu (folding fan) decorated with gold and silver

Sensu (hand fan) has been used since the Heian period, and has always been a part of Japanese people’s lives. It does not only keep us cool in a hot weather, but also plays an important role in various situations; performing arts such as sado (the way of tea), traditional Japanese dance and noh play, Buddhist and other religious events, as well as auspicious events, because a sensu (hand fan) has a form called “suehirogari (broadens toward the bottom)”. Sensu (hand fan) has the 1,200 years of history; this sensu (hand fan) is made in Higashiyama ward, Kyoto city and is even more attractive than others with kindame (gold decoration).

You can feel the texture and the unique surface of gold leaf which printing cannot recreate on this sensu (hand fan), hand-made with the utmost care.

Great gift for your loved one.

It is the perfect product for your own use of course, but also for a gift, because it is elegant and luxurious with gold leaf, and it has a form called “suehirogari (which means that it broadens toward the bottom, and in Japanese also means prosperity)”.

This sensu (hand fan) is a 100% hand-made product from materials such as paper and ribs, decoration, folding to gluing with the traditional art craft technique of Kyoto. It is a product filled with traditions which a creator would like to pass down to modern times, as well as later generations.

Our customers told us that an M-sized sensu (hand fan) of 19.69cm is a bit small for well-built men, so we decided to extend the length while maintaining its sharp form. It is a great size for both men and women and is easy to use too.

Created by Yasuto Yonehara

He was born in 1986 and entered the world of gold leaf decoration on fans under the influence of his uncle. He learned the traditional technique of decorating fans, which are mainly used for traditional performing arts, with kindami in the city of Kyoto, the birthplace of sensu.

Price US $128
Free shipping.