Hirauchi Kanzashi

Hirauchi Kanzashi -
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【Kanzashi (hirauchi/tamenuri) Product Details】

・Color: Tamenuri (translucent lacquer painted over colored lacquer)

・Size: Approx.  Width 4㎝, Approx.  Length 20㎝

・Material: Wood/Lacquer   1-Stick Kanzashi


◎The pattern on this kanzashi is hand painted by an artisan.

◎The kanzashi is made of a lacquered wood. Avoid an extremely dry or humid environment, as well as sudden changes of temperature. Avoid hair spray and such.  

◎Be careful when making an updo with just one stick of kanzashi or holding the decorated part, for it could result in breaking or damaging the product.

【Features of this kanzashi】

Hirauchi kanzashi is a kanzashi with a flat and round decoration part with long ornaments. There are various designs including a round shape and an oval shape.
This kanzashi has a round plate with
sakura (cherry blossoms) painted on it.

On the back, there are
sakura petals painted, too…

It is a simple
kanzashi yet one can feel the distinctively Japanese sense of beauty. This is a one-stick kanzashi. You can match it with daily clothes to look chic or gorgeous. The gold lacquer-esque pattern on urushi lacquer is beautiful.   

→Click here for details of “Kanzashi” stabbing together

*Use by sticking it on your updo. When pulling your hair up with just a kanzashi, it could easily break.

【Simple beauty: Kanzashi from “Kintakedo” in Kyoto】

Kanzashi from “Kintakedo”, the shop manufacturing and selling kanzashi since the end of the Edo period in Gion, Kyoto, are all state-of-art products. They are so beautiful that even by looking at them makes you hold your breath. You can enjoy the humbleness, the elegance and the delicateness unique to simple Japanese products. A handmade kanzashi and hair ornament has certain warmth to it, and you can of course wear it, but it would be great as an interior decoration for your room, too.

Price US $220
Free shipping.