【Kanji calligraphy】We write your name in Japanese kanji.【Made-to-Order】

【Kanji calligraphy】We write your name in Japanese kanji.【Made-to-Order】 -
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【Characteristics of Japanese kanji calligraphy art】

Have you thought of the origin or the meaning of your name?

We make your beautiful name into a Japanese kanji calligraphy art.

The meaning of your name which was given by your beloved parents is written in Japanese kanji.

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Emma…宇宙=Universe (Emma signifies “universe” or “to enfold everything”)

The artwork comes with a frame, so you can decorate it as soon as you open the package. It can be hung on the wall or put on a table.

【Japanese calligraphy art size】

Postcard…15 cm height x 10cm width

Frame…21cm height × 16cm width

【Japanese kanji calligraphy art use】


As a gift for yourself, a gift for your kids, a retirement gift, a gift for a friend, a gift for your godmother or godfather, a graduation gift, a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, an opening celebration of a store or a company (promotion to President), a birthday gift (anniversary gift), a baby shower present, a gift for parents, a wedding gift, a longevity celebration gift…


Your name is something very important and that you carry for your entire life.


Make the meaning of your name into Japanese kanji calligraphy art and decorate it at your home. Make the calligraphy art a gift.


We strive to make the one-and-only Japanese kanji calligraphy art which will make you smile!

【About made-to-order Japanese kanji calligraphy art】

Please contact us first.

Tell us your (or the person you wish to give the artwork to) name. We will find the meaning of the name. *In some cases, we might not be able to find the meaning.

After research, we will send you the kanji which describes your name and its meaning. If you like it, please proceed to “Purchase” and “Payment”.

We will start working on the calligraphy as soon as we confirm your payment.



【Calligraphy art Production】

Price US $148~ contactus
Free shipping.