bachi-shaped kanzashi(lacquer_red)

bachi-shaped kanzashi(lacquer_red) -
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【Kanzashi (Bachi / Red) Product Details】

・Color: Red

・Size: Width…About , Length…About

・Material: Wood・Lacquered / Two-Stick Kanzashi


◎The pattern on this kanzashi is hand-painted by an artisan.

◎This kanzashi is made of lacquered wood. Keep from drying out, avoid humidity and rapid temperature changes. Keep away from hair spray.

◎Please note that tying hair with one kanzashi or holding the decorated part of a kanzashi might result in breaking and damages.

【Special Features of This Kanzashi】

A two-legged kanzashi which looks like a shamisen plectrum or a ginkgo leaf. It is also called a fan-shaped (ougi gata) kanzashi. Put it gently on a bun, and it will gorgeously decorate your back and transform you into a Japanese beauty. It looks luxurious with the gold lacquer on it. Flowers such as sakura (cherry blossom), ume (plum) and kiku (chrysanthemum) are painted on the red and lacquered bachi base. You’ll find sakura petals on the back too…

Sakura began to be utilized in various fields by the aristocrats in the Heian period. It was often used as a motif on armors and such, for the beauty of cherry blossom as well as the way it falls from the trees were cherished and considered to exemplify the aesthetics of Japanese people.  

Ume signifies “endurance”, “nobility”, “elegance”, “independence”, “fidelity” and “clear mind”. The lovely shape of its flower, the fragrance and the gracefully-shaped branches have been admired in Japan for a long time.   

Kiku has often been called “the spirit of the sun” for its shape resembles that of the sun and believed to ward off evil spirits. It also signifies eternal life.

On this kanzashi, three kinds of flowers are decorated with lacquer and rainbow-colored shells; it is perfect for formal occasions. It is shaped symmetrically and when put on hair, it would look round and cute. You can wear this product regardless of the type, the color or the pattern of your kimono. Of course, it can be worn with casual clothes as well.

The simple bachi-shaped kanzashi with three kinds of flower patterns is easy to put on your hair and is beautiful as a part of interior decoration too.

【The unique “honma mon (authentic)” kanzashi created by the kanzashi shop in Kyoto】

Simply put on your hair, and it will create a feminine atmosphere; this red bachi-shaped kanzashi is created by “Kintakedo”, the specialty shop which manufactures and sells hana kanzashi as well as hair accessories for Maikos and geishas of the red-light district in Gion, Kyoto, since the end of the Edo period. Artisans carefully paint each pattern on two-legged and lacquered kanzashi with their hands.

Needless to say, it goes well with houmongi (visiting wear) or formal kimono, but it looks beautiful with casual kimono or everyday clothes too.  

It would be great to show it in the display case as interior decoration on days you are not wearing it!

Price US $544.00→500.00
Free shipping.