Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum with stone – pink

Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum with stone – pink -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Kiku (chrysanthemum) / Medium Size]

・Color: Pink / Red (stone)

・Width: 17㎝, Diameter: 8cm, Length: 14cm

・Weight: 11g

*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*Hana (flower) kanzashi is a fragile item.

Each flower petal is handmade by an artisan with care.

A hana (flower) kanzashi handmade with “tsumami zaiku (the traditional handcraft technique)” by an artisan of Kintakedo, the well-established shop in Kyoto, the city where kanzashi was first created. Flower petals are made of shoken habutae (basic plain weaves of 100% silk fabric) dyed and weaved in an atelier in Kyoto, the same material used for hana kanzashi for maiko; enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere.

Special features of this kanzashi

Tsumami zaiku kanzashi, including hana kanzashi (maiko kanzashi) which decorates a maiko’s Japanese hairstyle, have always decorated hairstyles of women in kimono gorgeously.

This kanzashi has been created with chrysanthemum flowers as a motif. The brilliant silver stone which shines in the center of a modestly-sized chrysanthemum flower is very pretty.

Ken tsumami, one of the “tsumami” techniques, is used to create a bouquet of chrysanthemum flowers of lovely colors made of 100% silk fabric. Green chrysanthemum leaves made by maru tsumami technique flatter cute red and pink chrysanthemum flowers. Long three-stranded ‘sagari’ is pale pink which matches with chrysanthemum flowers. This kanzashi stands out well, and of the size to be used as the central player for your hair arrangement. We recommend you use it as your sole hair ornament, as well as coordinate with another kanzashi to make your hair look even more gorgeous. 

This kanzashi makes every outfit from kimono to your everyday clothes look gorgeous. The product recommended for those looking for cute looks!!


Price US $154.0
Free shipping.