Kanzashi flower【medium】Japanese Plum 3color

Kanzashi flower【medium】Japanese Plum 3color -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Plum/Medium size] Details

・Color: White/Red/Pink

・Width:17cm, Diameter: 8cm, Length: 14cm

・Weight: 11g

・Material: Pure silk 100%


*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*It is a fragile item.

This kanzashi is consisted of 3 colors Japanese plum flowers.

Hana kanzashi (Flower kanzashi) is a hair ornament Maiko, who is a symbol of Kyoto, is wearing. All kanzashis are made by a skilled craftsmen at the kanzashi shop where has been made Maiko’s kanzashis over 300 years.

The flower kanzashi made of an authentic pure silk is very elegant and brilliant. It is a perfect hair ornament to make women more beautiful at special occasions; wedding, birthday party, prom, ceremony,and so on.

Why don’t you gift this kanzashi for your loved one?

Special features of this hana (flower) kanzashi

The flowers on this hana (flower) kanzashi are created with plum as its motif. Hana (flower) kanzashi which decorates maiko’s hair in Kyoto changes each month, reflecting the change of the seasons. Plum flowers decorate maiko’s hairstyle gorgeously in February.  


Plum flower…It is regarded as the best plant in the world of flowers in Japan. The patience to endure severe winter and the fact it blooms and bears fruits before spring arrives are the message of this kanzashi. It is also famous as the flower loved by Michizane Sugawara, the scholar of the Edo period. 


 Language of flowers…“Purity”, “fidelity” and “patience”. Also, white plum flowers signify “dignity”.  


Colors…Red and white and pink flowers are gathered beautifully in a great balance.  This hana (flower) kanzashi is the combination of auspicious colors and plum flowers which are regarded as the best flower in the world of flowers; very lucky.  

Real hana (flower) kanzashi sold at Kimono online shop

Hana (flower) kanzashi we have at Kimono online shop are the products of “Kintakedo”, the long-established store in Kyoto since the Edo period (over 300 years ago). Each kanzashi is hand-made with the utmost care. They make not only general kanzashi, but it is the only store in Kyoto which also makes kanzashi used by maiko/geisha since the Edo period to modern times.  



Price US $180.00→$142.00
Free shipping.