Kanzashi flower【small】-Bellflower

Kanzashi flower【small】-Bellflower -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Bellflower/Small size]

・Color: Purple

・Width: About 12cm, Diameter: About 6cm

・Weight: About 5g

*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*Hana (flower) kanzashi is a fragile item.

Authentic hana (flower) kanzashi made with the tsumami zaiku technique, used by real maiko

This is a hana (flower) kanzashi made by the shop which manufactures hana (flower) kanzashi for real maiko and geiko.

It is a state-of-art product made by the one-and-only artisan who makes hana (flower) kanzashi with the tsumami zaiku technique.

Special features of this hana (flower) kanzashi

The flower on this tsumami kanzashi is a “bellflower”. Flowers on hana (flower) kanzashi decorated on maiko’s head changes each month, and it is in September that bellflowers gorgeously decorate maiko’s hairstyle. In Japan, September is a month in autumn. Summer season bustling with Gion festival, fireworks festivals and such, comes to an end and Kyoto becomes nice and quiet again. This flower perfectly expresses the atmosphere.

Bellflower…Bellflowers have been cherished by Japanese since old times in history. It has been loved by samurai as well, and has been used as a family crest as well. The name of this flower (bellflower is kikyo in Japanese) has been used for the names of the room (kikyo no ma, or the bellflower room) and the gate (kikyo mon, or the bellflower gate) of Edo Castle in the Edo period. It is the flower that Japanese people feel close to since old times.   

Language of flowers…Bellflower signifies “obedience”, “dignity”, “sincerity”, “eternal love”, “being clean”, “unchanging love”, “unchanging heart”, “kind loving” and such. All these words originate in the story which tells of a young woman who waited her loved one all her life and that a bellflower was her symbol.

Color…The color of this tsumami kanzashi is deep purple with green on the leaves and the center of flowers, which creates a refreshing impression. Although it is in September, autumn, that this tsumami kanzashi decorates maiko’s hair, it is still the season when the summer heat still lingers. Refreshing purple and blue colors decorate your hair to make it look cool and fresh!!

Have a lovely and beautiful Japanese traditional art craft by your side…

There are only about 15 artisans who make tsumami kanzashi in this whole world currently. Tsumami kanzashi” is widely favored and used in recent times as a beautiful hair ornament, a room accessory or a gift for your loved one.

Do familiarize yourself with a beautiful Japanese traditional art craft


Price US $131.00
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