Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum with bells- orange

Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum with bells- orange -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Chrysanthemum/Medium size]

・Color: Orange

・Width: 17cm, Diameter: 8cm, Length: 14cm

・Weight: 11g

*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*It is a fragile item.

Hana (flower) kanzashi created with “tsumami zaiku”, the traditional handcraft technique in Kyoto

A hana (flower) kanzashi decorates hair of a maiko walking around the old city of Kyoto gorgeously. This chic hair ornament, which makes us feel the season we are in by using different cloth and motif each season, has been utilized as an accent when wearing Japanese clothes (kimono).

Hana (flower) kanzashi we sell at kimono online shop are from “Kintakedo”, the only shop in Gion, Kyoto which makes hana (flower) kanzashi for maiko and geisha since the Edo period.

Enjoy looking at the refined technique of an artisan in Kyoto, as well as gorgeous flowers of four seasons in Japan, through a kanzashi.

Special features of this hana (flower) kanzashi

The flower on this hana (flower) kanzashi is chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum flower petals are excellently reproduced with the technique called ken tsumami. A maiko wears a kanzashi on her head with flowers of the season each month. A hana (flower) kanzashi to be used changes every month, and it is in October that a maiko wears one with chrysanthemum flowers.

Chrysanthemum…Chrysanthemum is a flower representative of autumn in Japan. It has been long cherished as a symbol of beauty and culture which communicates the way Japanese people should be, not to mention its noble atmosphere.

Language of flower…Chrysanthemum signifies “royalty”, “nobility” and “elegance”, for it is the crest for the Imperial Family of Japan. At the time of the Meiji Restoration, chrysanthemum flowers were given from the Emperor Meiji to Takamori Saigo. Chrysanthemum has always been a special flower for Japanese, and has been regarded as a symbol of dignity and grace.

Color…It is in bright orange and the sagari (dropping part) is in red; it reminds us of  the color of sunset in autumn in Japan. Since it is in bright colors, no doubt that it will stand out when you decorate it in the room, and will attract people’s attention when you put it on to go out!!  

Why not feel closer to the seasons in Kyoto? ☺

These days, more and more people are enjoying matching a hana (flower) kanzashi with Western clothes to make a Japanese-modern style. A hana (flower) kanzashi is made by the delicate art craft technique called “tsumami zaiku”, which makes flowers and leaves which color the seasons of Kyoto, by folding small square cloth. A gorgeous hana (flower) kanzashi that a maiko would decorate her hair with: why not put it on your hair, decorate it in your room or make it a brooch to feel closer to the culture? It will definitely be pretty!!  


Price US $180.00→171.00
Free shipping.