Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum, Autumn

Kanzashi flower【medium】-Chrysanthemum, Autumn -
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Kyoto Hana Kanzashi, depicted in vivid detail of Real Flower


・Color:Colorful (7 colors in a Kanzashi)
・Width:17㎝, Diameter:8cm, Hanging strip:14cm
・Super light-weight 11g
・We have been making Kanzashi of Geisha from Edo Period until present.
・All handmade by professional craftsmen.
・Made in Kyoto, Japan
※Our products are all hand made. They may be slightly different to the picture shown.
※Fragile Item

Gorgeous 7 colors kanzashi

This kanzashi consists of 7 colors chrysanthemum flowers. Although chrysanthemum blooms in autumn in Japan, these pretty colorful flowers match your hair and your fashion in all seasons.

This kanzashi is gorgeous and elegant, so it is perfect hair ornament for wedding, prom,and any occasions!

The flower petals made of pure silk clothes, which produced by special traditional technique. And these flowers are created by high skilled craftsman one by one with great care.

You can’t find such beautiful and traditional kanzashi online without our shop!

Special features of the chrysanthemum flower kanzashi

Chrysanthemum…Chrysanthemum is a flower representative of autumn in Japan. It has been long cherished as a symbol of beauty and culture which communicates the way Japanese people should be, not to mention its noble atmosphere.

Language of flower…Chrysanthemum signifies “royalty”, “nobility” and “elegance”, for it is the crest for the Imperial Family of Japan. Chrysanthemum has always been a special flower for Japanese, and has been regarded as a symbol of dignity and grace.

Real hana (flower) kanzashi sold at Kimono online shop

Hana (flower) kanzashi we have at Kimono online shop are the products of “Kintakedo”, the long-established store in Kyoto since the Edo period (over 300 years ago).

Each kanzashi is hand-made with the utmost care. They make not only general kanzashi, but it is the only store in Kyoto which also makes kanzashi used by maiko/geisha since the Edo period to modern times.



Price US $186.00→177.00
Free shipping.