Kanzashi flower【small】- Plum

Kanzashi flower【small】- Plum -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Plum/Small size]

・Color: Red and white

・Width: About 12cm, Diameter: About 6cm

・Weight: About 5g

*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*Hana (flower) kanzashi is a fragile item.

Hana (flower) kanzashi in Kyoto with history

Even in Kyoto, Kintakedo is the only shop which makes hana (flower) kanzashi for maiko, the item said to be the living history of Kyoto. We sell these authentic hana (flower) kanzashi at kimono online shop.

Special features of this hana (flower) kanzashi

The flower on this hana (flower) kanzashi is plum flowers. Maiko decorates her hair with plum hana (flower) kanzashi for a month in February. They bloom prettily on maiko’s head and makes us feel the coming of spring.

Plum flower…As it is often said that “the plum tree is the first tree to blossom”, plum trees endure severe winter and let us know the coming of spring before any flower does. Ume is the Japanese word for plum and there are various theories regarding the origin of the word, but it could be because people in old times believed that there resides the powerful spirit in a plum tree and a plum tree can put out buds (“me” in Japanese) faster than any other flower (“Ume” also signifies “give birth” in Japanese).

Plum is used as a family crest as well, and it’s called “ume mon (plum crest)”. It started to be used as a pattern in the Nara period, and is believed to have been used as the crest for the shrine Tenmangu because Michizane Sugawara liked plum flowers.

Red, white and pink plum flowers bloom.

Language of flowers…Plum flower has meanings such as “nobility”, “innocence”,  “loyalty”, “patience” and “clear heart”.

White plum flower also signifies “elegance”. It comes from the dignified and elegant way white plum flower looks against gorgeous red plum flower.

Characteristics…This hana (flower) kanzashi is made of red and white. In Japan, the combination of red and white is called kohaku (literally translates to red and white) and is regarded as an “auspicious color combination” in various scenes.

Plum itself is included in auspicious plants as in “sho chiku bai (pine, bamboo and plum, or an auspicious grouping)”.


The fine quality hair ornament to be inherited from mother to daughter

These days, hana (flower) kanzashi can be purchased by not only maiko but general customers as well. So it is the perfect hair ornament for women who wish to “decorate hair with a special hana (flower) kanzashi on a special occasion”. Recently, many foreign customers who come to visit Kyoto for sightseeing purchase them too. Reasons vary, from “as a souvenir of visiting Kyoto”, “I wish to decorate hair with flower kanzashi for I love wearing kimono”, “to upgrade everyday clothes”, “to decorate in the room and to look at it” to “as a gift for the special one”. Hana (flower) kanzashi of Kyoto, which looks beautiful to anyone and is full of tradition and technique, can be purchased at kimono online shop.

Price US $131.00
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