Kanzashi flower【small】-Sakura-

Kanzashi flower【small】-Sakura- -
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Hana (flower) kanzashi [Sakura/Small size]

・Color: White

・Width: About 12cm, Diameter: About 6cm

・Weight: About 5g

*This hana (flower) kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*Hana (flower) kanzashi is a fragile item.

All carefully hand-made by the artisan to each and every flower petal

At kimono online shop, we sell hana (flower) kanzashi of the specialty shop which continues manufacturing and selling hana (flower) kanzashi and hair ornaments for maiko since its establishment in the Edo period. In recent years, there are more and more hana (flower) kanzashi which can be used daily with everyday clothes but still maintains the unique atmosphere of hana (flower) kanzashi for maiko.  

Special features of this hana (flower) kanzashi

The hana (flower) kanzashi with a slightly smaller single flower is elegant and matches not only with Japanese clothes (kimono) but also with everyday clothes. Maiko changes her hana (flower) kanzashi each month, and it is of course in April when maiko decorates her hair with the sakura hana (flower) kanzashi. Sakura, famous as the flower of spring, is regarded as the flower to represent Japan. It is a hair ornament which makes a wearer even prettier and more gorgeous.

Sakura(cherry blossom)…Since the influence of the Kokufu Bunka (Japanese-style culture) in the Heian period, sakura has become a synonym for flowers, and has been placed at the special position among spring flowers. Sakura blooms at the end of March to mid-April and it is the flower to beautifully color life’s turning point for Japanese, for the new fiscal/school year starts in April in Japan and also for sakura trees are often planted in schools. In Japan, although sakura is not an official national flower, it is treated just like one.

Language of flowerSakura signifies “purity”, “elegant woman”, “spiritual beauty”, “light”, “beauty of the heart” and such. From the beauty of sakura, it has joyful meanings such as “elegant woman” and “beauty of the heart”, while it also signifies evanescence such as “light” for sakura flower is short-lived and its petals fall so easily. Overall, these words make us think of sakura.

Color…The color of the flower on this kanzashi is white. There does exist white sakura, and gives a mature and elegant impression compared to cute pink-colored sakura. White goes with clothes in any color, so it can be matched both with Japanese clothes (kimono) and everyday clothes.

Kanzashi which matches with everyday clothes

When it comes to kanzashi, it is often regarded as a hair ornament to be worn with kimono; however, in recent years many kanzashi which goes with everyday clothes are made. The easy-to-use kanzashi can make a chignon all by itself and can make one’s hairstyle look gorgeous, and for that it is receiving a lot of attention. How about a hana (flower) kanzashi of “Kintakedo”, the shop which makes hair ornaments for authentic maiko in Gion, Kyoto? ☺


Price US $117.00
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