Kanzashi Silver (Bachi-shaped)-Chidori-

Kanzashi Silver (Bachi-shaped)-Chidori- -
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・Material: Silver  (Silver 950)

・Length: 11.3cm

・Width : 5.5cm

・Thickness: 0.08cm

・All handmade by professional artisan

・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This Silver kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

Item description

・Please use this Kanzashi as a decoration, after dressing your hair by hair band or hairpin.

・It suits for not only dressed in Kimono but also in Western styles.

・Displaying it in a frame is also recommendable.

・We better to wipe fingerprints and dust off often for conservation.

Semi-Western-style kanzashi

In the Meiji period(1868~), new culture came to Japan from Western countries. One of the most prominent changes by such a situation is women’s hair style, and Bachi(plectrum of the shamisen) or Ougi(Japanese fan) shaped kanzashi was newly created according to the change.

Since Bachi or Ougi shaped kanzashi was designed to match western hair style, it was modern and stylish among many type of kanzashis.

Especially, kanzashi made of silver is characterized by fine openwork and brilliant shine in contrast to Makie lacquer work or tortoise-shell work kanzashi. This smooth curve and brilliantly shining are created with great care by professional artist, Atelier hanae.

There are feelings that she would like to make women more beautiful and more fashionable in silver kanzashi made by Atelier Hanae.

Cute and elegant design, 'Chidori'

Did you notice that 3 small birds ride a wave? Lovely Chidori birds and forceful waves are designed on this silver kanzashi. Chidori is any of several birds that live near water, and it is one of Japanese classical patterns loved by Japanese since long ago. Especially, ‘Nami Chidori’ (Chidori with waves)  is a pattern of good omen of harmonious marriage and safety of the family, which has a meaning that a married couple try to overcome difficulties or obstacles.

Since this kanzashi has a different shape from general Bachi or Ougi shaped Kanzashi, it gives a soft and more feminine impression.  In addition, the openwork of waves which is easily visible from a distance is very cool.

Since this kanzashi has both elegance and cuteness, it match stylish hairstyle as well as feminine hairstyle.

You can enjoy dress up in formal occasion, such as a wedding,  to casual daily scenes with this one kanzashi!


Price US $792
Free shipping.