Kanzashi Silver -Chidori with Waves-

Kanzashi Silver -Chidori with Waves- -
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・Material: Silver  (Silver 950)

・Length: 21.5cm

・Width: 4cm

・Thickness: 0.15cm

・All handmade by professional artisan
・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This Silver kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

Item description

・Please don’t hold the ornamental part of Kanzashi.

・Please use this Kanzashi as a decoration, after dressing your hair by hair band or hairpin.

・It suits for not only dressed in Kimono but also in Western styles.

・Displaying it in a frame is also recommendable.

・We better to wipe fingerprints and dust off often for conservation.

Characteristics of Ginhira kanzashi

In the Edo period, when kanzashi reached its peak, Hirauchi kanzashi was very popular  (Kanzashi with a flat and round ornament) among many types of kanzashi.

Hirauchi kanzashi made of a variety of materials; metal, wood or tortoise-shell decorated women living in Edo. Especially, Hirauchi kanzashi made of silver called ‘Ginhira’, and it was worn by women of samurai families. Initially, although the design of Ginhira kanzashi was Kamon (family crest) of each family, nature of the four seasons and classical patterns also have come to be designed gradually.

Most of people may have  impression that kanzashi was coordinated with kimono, because kanzashi was created to decorate Japanese coiffure. However, a kanzashi, which is made by Atelier Hanae is designed to match not only kimono, but also western clothes.

Why don’t you adopt Japanese tradition for your ordinary fashion?

Japanese classical pattern: Chidori

How cute the three round and small birds!

This motif of the kanzashi is one of Japanese classical patterns, it called ‘Chidori’. Chidori is any of several birds that live near water. Thus, it is often designed with pattern of water or waterside plants. This kanzashi is also designed Chidori with pattern of waves .

Chidori with waves is the symbol of harmonious marriage and safety of the family, which has a meaning that a married couple try to overcome difficulties or obstacles. Also, it has been used as a design for certain victory and achieve targets because of its similarity in pronunciation to the word “千取り:Chidori (to gain thousand happinesses).

Surprisingly, there is a strong power in this lovely design!

Chidori kanzashi suits every woman

The design of the pretty Chidori birds and the forceful waves are very impressive, and four small pearls add an elegance on it.

This elaborate kanzashi makes your fashion appear more beautiful.

We recommend thay you wear this kanzashi in formal scenes, not to mention daily scenes.

Just insert it into updo hair, your hairstyle easily becomes gorgeous.

People of all ages can use this kanzashi because Nami Chidori (Chidori birds with waves) is a classic pattern which is widely loved by Japanese.

It is perfect for gifting this Chidori kanzashi to your mother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend!


Price US $747.20
Free shipping.