Kanzashi Silver-Gourd

Kanzashi Silver-Gourd -
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・Material: Silver  (Silver 950)

・Length: 13.5cm

・Width (maximum): 2.7cm

・Width (minimum): 0.6cm

・Thickness: 0.1cm

・All handmade by professional artisan
・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This Silver kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

Item description

・Please don’t hold the ornamental part of Kanzashi.

・Please use this Kanzashi as a decoration, after dressing your hair by hair band or hairpin.

・It suits for not only dressed in Kimono but also in Western styles.

・Displaying it in a frame is also recommendable.

・We better to wipe fingerprints and dust off often for conservation.

People all over the world pay attention to “Kamon”

Kamon is a Japanese emblem which is symbolized a family lineage for a long time. Surprisingly, it is said that the number of Kamons is more than 20,000 types.At the present time, the abundant variation and the high designability of Kamon are garnering attention around the world.

Why don’t you adopt such cool Kamon designs for your fashion?

Atellier Hanae makes silver kanzashis in the motif of kamons [Mon series Kanzashi] at the small workshop in Kyoto.

The Mon series kanzashi which is arranged in a modern style matches any kind of clothes. She is particular about the designs and material, and makes the silver kanzashi with great care. This wonderful kanzashi makes you more brilliant.

Gourds have a Infinity Power

It is designed pretty gourds on the cool Ginhiira kanzashi (Silver and flat kanzashi)”. The rounded and constricted shapes of gourds further attract people’s attention!

This unique shape is not only pretty. The shape of gourd is 8 or ∞ called “Sue Hirogari” in Japanese. It is believed that Sue Hirogari has “Infinity Power” since ancient times, and it is cherished as a symbol of happiness or a charm against evil influence. In addition, ancient people had believed that god or divine spirit dwell on a gourd. It is used as a ritual utensil and a holy crest of a Shinto shrine.

This design of kanzashi is the Kamon of existing in reality. The design of three gourds called “San Byoshi”(triple time), it means “to be completed”!

For yourself… For your precious person...

Gourd has been used  as a container to hold seeds by farmers for a long while. Therefore, it is said that people get happiness or success because seeds in a gourd definitely sprout. Also, gourds symbolize fertility and family prosperity.

The language of gourd is “Prosperity, Profit and Peaceful”.

This kanzashi should be an acceptable gift to everyone, because each language has good meanings for the family and the business,

This silver kanzashi suits casual clothes, so you can wear it  as a accessary  for daily use.

If you go out with this pretty Kanzashi, gourds will bring you Infinity Power and Happiness!!


Price US $285.00
Free shipping.