Kanzashi Silver -Setsugetsuka-

Kanzashi Silver -Setsugetsuka- -
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・Material: Silver  (Silver 950)

・Length: 18.3cm

・Width: 3.7cm

・Thickness: 0.15cm

・All handmade by professional artisan
・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This Silver kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

Item description

・Please don’t hold the ornamental part of Kanzashi.

・Please use this Kanzashi as a decoration, after dressing your hair by hair band or hairpin.

・It suits for not only dressed in Kimono but also in Western styles.

・Displaying it in a frame is also recommendable.

・We better to wipe fingerprints and dust off often for conservation.

Ginhira kanzashi loved by women of Edo

In the Edo period, as variations of hairstyle increased, many kind of kanzashis were created. This kanzashi,’Hirauchi kanzashi’ is one of them. A pattern that is designed in the circle is where craftsmen show their skill.

Especially, a kanzashi made of silver, it is called ‘Ginhira’, had loved by women of samurai families, and a motif of a kanzashi is normally Kamon (family crest) of each family. However, motifs of nature and classical patterns were gradually adopted over time.

Although kanzashi are generally imagined to put on in combination kimono, it is no problem to coordinate modern fashion!

Atelier Hana e arranges a kanzashi in modern style so that matches any kind of clothes.

Ginhira kanzashi loved by women of Edo and modern clothes collaboration should enhance your charm!

Japanese aesthetic sense: Setsugetuka (snow, moon and flowers)

Setsugetuka is the generic name of the most beautiful things among seasonal nature in Japan. It has a concept that resembles oriental heart of elegance, and has created Japanese aesthetic sense since the Heian period.

‘Setsu’ represents white and beautiful snow in winter, ‘Getsu’ represents shining moon in the evening sky in autumn and ‘Ka’ represents flowers that bloom in various colors in spring.

Setsugetsuka is used for a poem, a popular song and a name of a resutaurant.

Snow, moon and rose are designed on this kanzashi. Although the flower of Setsugetsuka normally used Sakura, rose motif of this kanzashi gives an approachable impression for western people!

Recommended usage scenes

Setsugetuka is the symbolic motif which represents beauty of nature in Japan. However, the kanzashi is excellent with western clothes or dress because it has a rose motif, which loved by western countries.

You can use the kanzashi of Setsugetsuka, which symbolizes the view of each season of Japan, regardless of season.  You should wear this kanzashi when you want to dress up or attend formal occasions because it is very elegant. If you just wear this kanzashi, it makes your back elegant and luxury even simple hairstyle.


Price US $209.60
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