Kanzashi Silver -Sho chiku bai

Kanzashi Silver -Sho chiku bai -
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・Material: Silver  (Silver 950)

・Length: 22.3cm

・Width : 4.9cm

・Thickness: 0.15cm

・All handmade by professional artisan
・Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This Silver kanzashi is hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

Item description

・Please don’t hold the ornamental part of Kanzashi.

・Please use this Kanzashi as a decoration, after dressing your hair by hair band or hairpin.

・It suits for not only dressed in Kimono but also in Western styles.

・Displaying it in a frame is also recommendable.

・We better to wipe fingerprints and dust off often for conservation.

What is Gin Hira Kanzashi

A kanzashi made of silver with decoration of round and flat called ‘Ginhira’,and it is a high-class kanzashi especially worn by women of samurai families. Originally, a motif of kanzashi had used a Kamon (family crest) of each samurai family.

However, variation of kanzashi motifs, such as the four seasons and classical designs in Japan, increased over time.

In Kyoto, there is the artisan who arranges a Ginhira kanzashi, tends to give a classical impression. Kanzashi made by ‘Atelier Hana e’, which has Japanese tradition and contemporary style, is like art.

This heart-felt kanzashi will be a treasure for life!

A good omen: 'Shochikubai' (pine, bamboo and plum trees)

Sho chiku bai, which is an essential motif for congratulations, is loved by Japanese people as a symbol of auspicious occasions or good omens, because pine and bamboo keep green color, and Japanese plum makes flowers bloom even in a cold season. Sho chiku bai is used for Kadomatsu (New Year’s pine decoration) and a pattern of a kimono, and so on.

Pine…Pine has been familiar to Japanese as a sacred tree because it  keeps green needles all the year. Furthermore, pine is a tree, which can live for several hundred years.Therefore, pine of constant green color(youth)  is a symbol as a long life and immortal.

Bamboo…Bamboo grows straight towards the sky and spread many roots under the ground. Bamboo is a symbol of the prosperity of descendants ,because it keeps beautiful green grasses and has strong vitality.

Plum…Japanese plum makes beautiful flowers bloom earlier than other flowers with a noble scent in early spring. It has been regarded as a symbol of the noble and long life because of the strong vitality.

It is very cool that if you incorporate this omen motif kanzashi representative of Japan into your fashion as a accessory!

Recommended usage scenes

This kanzashi is the biggest one in our shop. It is good for a celebration because it has conspicuous presence at a distance and gorgeous Sho chiku bai motif. This kanzashi suits not only kimono but also a elegant dress.  

The  auspicious Sho chiku bai kanzashi should come in useful at the glad occasion such as wedding and ceremonies.


Price US $960.00
Free shipping.