Silver Earrings -Noshi-

Silver Earrings -Noshi- -
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*All handmade by professional artisan

*Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This earrings are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

The symbol of "long life", Noshi

Noshi is a decoration for gifts on auspicious occasions.

Noshi is a thing which made of colored paper and dried abalone. A abalone has been cherished as a symbol of long life by Japanese people since ancient time.

Noshi was adopted for kamon motif as a good luck charm because it was always used on auspicious occasions.

This earrings is designed one of the  Noshi-kamon. This noshi-kamon consists of 3 noshis. Although noshi has a unique shape with an artistic quality, this noshi-kamon earrings looks simple. So, it goes with any types of fashion regardless of age.

This noshi-kamon earrings, which has a meaning of long life, is perfect for a birthday gift or anniversary gift!

Price US $138
Free shipping.