Silver Earrings -Tachibana-

Silver Earrings -Tachibana- -
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*All handmade by professional artisan

*Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This earrings are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*It takes about 3 weeks to make the item by the artisan

The symbol for eternal life, Tachibana

Kamon (family crest) with tachibana as a motif is designed on these earrings. Tachibana is inedible citrus traditionally grown in Japan, and it is considered as the symbol for eternal life because it is an evergreen.

Tachibana is especially treasured in “hinamatsuri”, the doll festival in Japan to pray for girls’ health and happiness. Tachibana is a fruit which has always been close to Japanese women.

Tachibana mon is unique in that a fruit and leaves are designed as a kamon, and not a flower. On these earrings, a round and cute fruit and two unique shaped leaves are designed; they are small but are very eye-catching.

These earrings come in the size and design which are perfect for everyday use and are recommended as an accent for casual fashion. Tachibana, kept close to you at all times, will bring you a lot of happiness.

Price US $138
Free shipping.