Silver Earrings -Tsuta-

Silver Earrings -Tsuta- -
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*All handmade by professional artisan

*Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This earrings are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*It takes about 3 weeks to make the item by the artisan

"Tsuta(Ivy)", the Kamon which was loved by famous samurais

These are the silver earrings in the motif of Kamon (Japanese family crest).
Kamon is a crest characteristic of Japan, which has been used to symbolize one’s family line since long ago.
This motif that looks like a flower is actually a leave of ivy. An ivy has a strong vitality growing by being entwined with other plants or buildings.
Kamon of ivy is a popular kamon which was loved by famous samurai families and Shogunate family.
The design of this earrings is humble, so it goes with any fashion. We recommend wearing these kamon earrings in business situations as well as daily life. These are good for strong and beautiful women who are active in modern society.

Price US $138
Free shipping.