Silver Long Earrings -Myoga-

Silver Long Earrings -Myoga- -
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Full length:6.2cm

Decoration:Square…1.5cm×1.5cm, Chain4.2cm

*All handmade by professional artisan

*Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This earrings are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

“Divine protection”, the meaning of Myoga

On these earrings, the kamon with Myoga (Japanese ginger) as a motif is designed.

Myoga is an aromatic flavorful vegetable which is essential on a table in Japan from summer to autumn.

Kamon of Myoga is used by shrines or temples as an auspicious symbol because the pronunciation of “Myo-ga” means “divine protection”.

There are 70 types of Myoga-kamon, and Myoga-kamon is one of the most popular kamons. The long earrings are designed a simple one among the unique myoga-kamon shapes. And, the long chains shine with each walk.

The earrings have a presence, so these go well with half up, half down hairstyle.  It is great when you dress up for special occasions.

You become more gorgeous, if you coordinate a Myoga-kamon necklace or bracelet!

Price US $169.50
Free shipping.