Silver Ring -Ume-

Silver Ring -Ume- -
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Charm size:Height-1.2cm, Width-1.2cm

Ring size : 5~8 US size *Let us know your ring size

*All handmade by professional artisan

*Made in Kyoto, Japan

*This earrings are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the shown image.

*It takes about 3 weeks to make the item by the artisan

"Ume" is a Japanese confectionery only in spring

This silver ring that has a traditional Japanese confectionery motif, ‘Wagashi’.  Wagashi is a very elegant confectionery which is changed in accordance with the season.
The motif of this Wagashi silver ring is a Japanese plum,’Ume’. Japanese plum blooms flowers with the noble smell in early spring, earlier than other flowers.
The round and plump plum Wagashi design gives a gentle impression.

We recommend this silver ring for not only female but also male! We adjust the size of the ring for each customers.
This Japanese plum Wagashi silver ring will bring you happiness as a good luck charm.

Price US $232.00
Free shipping.