Wa rousoku candleholder: Star

Wa rousoku candleholder: Star -
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Candleholder Product Details

・Openwork candleholder: Star

・Color: Black

・Material: Brass (alloy of copper and zinc)

・Diameter: About 6cm

・Height: About 2.5cm

*The maximum height of a candle to be used with this product is 10 monme. (We recommend candles of ikari gata 2 monme/4monme, bou gata 1.5 monme to 5 monme)

When used with a candle bigger than above sizes, it may be unstable and fall.

Wa rousoku candleholder: Star

Big and small star patterns. Put it anywhere, and it creates a lovely shade. When lighting up a wa rousoku, the flickering flame moves and makes it look like the starry sky.

Star…Stars are the pattern used regardless of the season; not only is the design pretty, but has been loved for a long time as a lucky motif to bring you better fortune. Why not decorate a candleholder with the star pattern, loved by everyone, on a table to enjoy family gatherings?

Combine a candle with a candleholder to make it more unique

One of the reasons that a wa rosoku is suited for interior decoration is that it can be combined with various candleholders to make it even more unique.

Candleholders made of iron or pottery bring out the individuality and the unique atmosphere of a wa rousoku.

As there are so many shapes and patterns of wa rosoku, wa rosoku candleholders come in a variety of designs, too.

The charm of this candleholder, which matches with the soft and sweet atmosphere of a wa rosoku, is the fact that it comes in many colors and shapes. When matched with a wa rosoku, you can create your own and truly unique interior decoration.

This candleholder decorated with delicate openwork looks the best when lighting up a wa rosoku. The big flickering flame unique to wa rosoku reflects openwork, and transforms your room into a fantastical space.


Price US $98.00
Free shipping.