warosoku(japanese candle)【white&red】-5mon me-50 pieces set –

warosoku(japanese candle)【white&red】-5mon me-50 pieces set – -
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Warosoku product details


Shape:Ikari type

Ingredients:100% plant-based wax made from rice bran and palm.


Weight:5mon me(1 monme=3.75g)

Burn time:About 1 hour 30 minutes

Warosoku hand-made by a professional artisan

Made in Kyoto, Japan

*All warosoku are hand-made. The actual product may slightly differ from the photo.

*Warosoku is a fragile item.

Ingredients of warosoku

There are 2 types of ingredients of our warosoku: 100% plant-based wax made from the seeds of a wax tree (obtained in Japan), and 100% plant-based wax made from rice bran and palm.

A candle wick is made from a rush core wrapped with washi (Japanese paper).

Characteristics of warosoku

Warosoku is made of plant-based wax and environment-friendly.

Unlike candles made of oil, warosoku does not produce much soot and does not stain a room or furniture.

It is easy to wipe of soot or drip of warosoku, for it is plant-based.

Flame of warosoku is wind resistant and is not put off by a bit of wind.

Flame flickers even without wind; it is mysterious yet calming.

◎Flame of warosoku

Flame of warosoku is big and flickers. The rhythm of flickering flame of a candle is supposedly the healing rhythm called “1/f fluctuation”, like the sound of waves or the way trees sway. Relax in “1/f fluctuation” and have a calming time…

Use and purpose of warosoku

In Japan, warosoku are used in temples in general. Since warosoku is made of plant-based wax, more and more people, such as those who care for the environment and young generations, are using it as a healing light or as an interior decoration. It is getting attention from customers overseas who have certain candle culture, because of the easy way to clean up after lighting a candle, or of the refined Japanese design. Why not create a mystical place by lighting up warosoku, or just decorating it in your room without lighting up?

*Please trim a candle wick

The wick of warosoku is made from a rush core wrapped with washi (Japanese paper) traditionally. 20-30 minutes after lighting up a candle, the warosoku candle wick would stick out; please cut the center of the candle wick with scissors. Do the same when blowing out warosoku, and the ash does not fall off. It will be easier to re-light a candle as well.  

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◎We make original made-to-order e rosoku (candle with picture) as well. For original e rosoku, please contact us.


Price US $204
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